Friday, December 31, 2010

My Favorites from 2010

Rybak won in 2009 and Norway hosted the Eurovision song contest 2010, a very interesting year is ending so i guess its time to review my favorites from this year.

This year i followed every second of the esc season, there were some artists that i really liked:
Harel Skaat: I was very happy when IBA announced that he was the reprensenter of Israel in Oslo, he is an amazing artist, i dont know if he will like to try it again but i would love to see him soon in Esc with a better song.

Vukašin Brajić: He is very cute and his performance in Oslo impressed me, i really liked it. 

Giorgos Alkaios & Friends: The "Friends" of Giorgos were the best from Greece lol, they are HOT, and it was a nice performance and i love to dance OPA.

Kuunkuiskaajat: Lovely girls, they were so cool and i really enjoyed their song and performance, the deserved the final.

Marcin Mrozinski: What can i say about him, he is such a nice boy, i really loved his videoblogs on youtube and i saw how happy he was about being in eurovision, i think he loved it and he is a fantastic singer, and i really wish him the best for his career.

Didrik Solli-Tangen: Absolutely beautiful boy with a good voice and he did the best for norway, i won a MGP album cause i predicted him to win the MF, i wanted a "My Hard is yours" t-shirt lol, his performance at esc was very good and what else, i really like him and his song.

Niamh Kavanagh - Its for you

This lady is AMAZING, i loved all her interviews, she is so nice with all the people and thats what i love about her, her song was fantastic, she did a beautiful performance and she is a legend for Eurovision, i think she will be on the hearts of all the eurovision fans forever.

InCulto - Eastern european funk

When they won the Lithuanian National Final i didnt like them at all, but with their videoblogs i really saw how hard they worked and it wasnt a joke entry they are real musicians that love to play music wherever they are, i loved their promo tour and to me they really deserved the final, their show was absolutely fabulous, i love their shiny boxers, i really enjoyed their song on the semifinal 2 and i read today that they will be splitting up by the end of january so here is a gift from them, you can download their last album "Closer than you think" here, click on Spausk.

Milan Stankovic - Ovo je balkan

Ovo je balkan c'mon, so catchy and it make dance everytime, he did a very good performance and i loved it.

Sofia Nizharadze - Shine

One of the greatest singers of 2010, her vocals were perfect even if she was dancing on the stage, she looked sooo beautiful on that red dress and im very happy that she gets the highest position for georgian in their ESC history.

Alyosha - Sweet people

I didnt like her when i saw her for the 1st time, but in the stage of eurovision was like wow i love it, her horrible dress looked good on her and on that performance that was very strong and one of my favorites, i always like Ukraine and 2010 wasnt the exception.

Jessy Matador - Allez olla olé

This was amazing, great energy, catchy song, nice team on stage, hot boy on the backing vocals, and a fabulous entry, a round of applause for France.

To be continued..

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