Sunday, February 7, 2016

UMK 2016: Semifinal 1

Welcome to the UMK Semifinal 1 post, here are my comments about the performances:

1.Saara Aalto - No Fear 
Oh lord! I like this song and Saara is so talented, I mean she killed it with her vocal performance but that stage act is just too much, so many stuff on stage make it look messy so I hope she tone it down for the final (she also needs better backing vocalists)

2.Mikko Herranen - Evil Tone
I didnt like anything about this entry, sorry.

3.Stella Christine - Ain’t Got Time for Boys
This is one my favorite songs in UMK 2016 and Stella did a fantastic job on stage. Normally I dont like when we get a couple dancing on a performance but that worked pretty well with this act. Go Stella!

4.Eini - Draamaa
This was a YAS QUEEN moment! This song is so catchy and I love that it is in finnish. Eini is a good performer and even if there were some little parts were her voice wasnt great, I liked it.

5.ClemSO - Thief
Fun song that sadly didnt work on stage.

6.Pää-Äijät - Shamppanjataivas
Im kinda sad this didnt make it cause I like this song a lot, the performance was mess but Im glad they had lots of fun on stage!

Saara Aalto
Stella Christine
Photos: YLE

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