Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ukraine 2016 - Semifinal 1: The results

Ukraine is back this year and they are doing a National selection! (BTW Good job STB!) Here are the 3 finalists from the 1st semifinal:

3.Brunettes Shoot Blondes - Every monday
I really like this band and Im glad they are one the finalists!

2.The Hardkiss - Helpless
Wow! I love this song and their performance was really good (She looked beautiful). I would like to see this in Eurovision.

1.Jamala - 1944
Im a big fan of Jamala and Im so happy to see her again in a NF! She is an outstanding singer and I really like her song but it needs a revamp to make it a contender (Maybe she should get rid the english parts of the song, I dont know but there is something that needs to be done) Im saying all this because I know she can win Eurovision but right now I just can see her doing a top 15. Her performance in the Semifinal was mesmerizing, she is so fricking talented. I hope she works a lot on the song to make it sound like a winner!

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