Sunday, February 7, 2016

Melodifestivalen 2016 - Deltävling 1: Don't worry, it's alright!

What time is it? It's Mello time! 


1. Bada nakna - Samir & Viktor
Im not a fan of them but the song is catchy and the performance was okay, still Im glad they didnt get in the final! (PS: Take your pants off next time!)

2. Mitt guld - Pernilla Andersson
Pernilla is a really good artist but I think her 2011 song "Desperados" was much better than this.

3. Ain’t No Good - Mimi Werner
This was such a pretty fun song. Her vocal performance could have been better but overall I liked her performance, I wouldnt mind to see her in Mello again with a different country sound.

4. Rik - Albin & Mattias
When I heard the song for the 1st time I didnt like it but after I watched the performance I have to say that their energy on stage made me like it, they were just 2 friends having fun and singing their song and I loved that.

6. Constellation Prize - Robin Bengtsson
This is a pretty good song with a nice performance but the whole package lacks of something, but Im not sure what it is. Thats the reason why I cant see this winning Mello but to be honest I wouldnt mind if that happens.

7. Don’t Worry - Ace Wilder
I think this song could be used as the definition of an earworm song. I will share my experience with it cause I've read a couple of people having the same reactions to it. The first time I heard the 30secs rehearsal clip I was kinda disappointed with it and thought "Maybe we are missing the best part of the chorus" but then I played it again and BOOM! The "Dont worry, it's alright" got stuck in my head. Then I heard the whole song and my first thought was "Meh! I dont like the (Its alright! Oh oh! dont worry) part :(" then I heard it a couple times and thought "Oh! its not that bad, its very catchy, I like it" so I feel like this song is making me crazy. I dont know what to think about her chances in Mello but I hope there are better songs in the competition this year, cause a part of me cant see this doing well in Eurovision (Doing well for Sweden = Top 6). (PS: BDN >>>>>>>>>>>>> Dont worry)

6.Pernilla Andersson
5.Mimi Werner

Albin & Mattias
Samir & Viktor

Ace Wilder
Robin Bengtsson

Photos: Peter Wixtröm/Aftonblader

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