Sunday, February 28, 2016

Finland 2016: Sandhja

Here is the winner of UMK 2016: Sandhja with "Sing it away"
First thing Im going to say is: "FUCK YOU YLE!" I just really dont get the point of having random people as juries or having "eurovision experts" talking shit about the songs while the public is voting.
I knew this was coming when I saw the list of juries but whatever! I gave up UMK last year when I heard the songs but Im glad I came back to it this year cause there were really nice acts in the competition. 
Congratulations to Sandhja, who I really like as an artist but I wish she had a better song. It might grow on me later but right now is not one of my favorites. Good luck in may!

Shout out to my winner: Mikael Saari!
Photos: Mikka Varila (YLE)

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