Monday, February 29, 2016

Melodifestivalen 2016 - Deltävling 4: We can do better

Time for the last semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2016!


1. Runaways - Eclipse
This song was not bad, but if you compare it with 1000 miles by H.E.A.T or Echo by Outtrigger this one is super lame.

2. Rollercoaster - Dolly Style
Oh lord! Its so sad to see people voting for this c**p. I kinda liked the idea of the performance but those new girls are not good.

3. Du tar mig tillbaks - Martin Stenmarck
Martin is such a good performer but sadly the song was boring.

4. Killer Girl - Linda Bengtzing
Oh Linda! I love her but I have to be honest, this wasnt good and Im not talking about the song cause I like the song (even if it sounds like 2 different songs together) but the performance was a bit plain, I totally missed Linda's energy on it. I dont know what they did wrong, maybe it was the choreography, or the dress, or the whole idea of the performance but this didnt work for me at all.

5. If I Were Sorry - Frans
I have mixed feelings about this entry, there is a part of me that really likes the song but there is another part of me that thinks this could be the "This is my life" of 2016 (Even though it cant be cause Sweden is already in the final but you know what I mean) Who would have thought that a song like this one could be a contenter to win Melodifestivalen?. Frans on stage is charming in a weird, shy kind of way but there are parts were he looks too nervous so I hope he works on that.

6. Håll om mig hårt - Panetoz
I like them but I prefer their 2014 song.

7. Youniverse - Molly Sandén
If I judge this as one of the 28 songs in MF I would say that I kinda like it but if I judge it as the biggest favorites & the one that SVT wants to see winning I can only say that this is just a nice song, and even if  Molly is a great performer and she knows how to shine on stage I think the whole act lacks of a "winner alert" factor, 

7.Linda Bengtzing
6.Martin Stenmarck

Dolly Style

Molly Sandén
Photos: Lindwall Sven/Expressen

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