Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Melodifestivalen 2016 - Deltävling 3: You have to believe you can win this fight!

The app's heart might be dead but Im here cause its time to talk about the 3rd semifinal of MF 2016:


1. Kizunguzungu - SaRaha
I get the point of this kind of exotic songs in the competition but I dont even like this in a guilty pleasure way. She is a good singer but the performance was too weak just like the song (I think Aleo/Yeba/Aiayeh were much better songs than this). 

2. You Carved Your Name - Swingfly Feat. Helena Gutarra
This performance was a mess! First of all the song wasnt good and then I think there was something off with Swingfly, it was like he didnt even try to perform it well on stage. 

3. Weight of the World - SMILO
I was nervous for them during the performance but they did a good job! I mean can you imagine being on that stage? haha. I think they deserved to get the AC spot but a 5th place is a great result for a Svensktoppen act.

4. Kom ut som en stjärna - After Dark
I really like After Dark's 2007 song but this was just ok.

5. My Heart Wants Me Dead - Lisa Ajax
Finally a good song! This might sound a bit generic but I like it and I also like her voice a lot. Is it a MF winner? No, but Im glad we are going to see her perform this song in the final.

6. Put Your Love On Me - Boris René
Oh yes! Put your love on me, Boris! I really enjoyed this performance and I love the song. I need this act in the final! So dont forget to vote for it in Andra Chansen!

7. Human - Oscar Zia
I will start by saying that the performance was impressive (Like WOW). The song is pretty good but I think Oscar needs to improve his vocal performance cause that was the weakest link of this entry. If he sings it perfectly in the final, I wouldnt mind seeing him win MF 2016. 

7.After Dark
6.Swingfly feat Helena Gutarra

Boris René

Oscar Zia
Lisa Ajax
Photos: Lindwall Sven/Expressen

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