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Timebelle: European music with a unique flavour

Photo: Lausanne Photo studio
The Swiss national final is on saturday and its time to post an interview with one of the finalists. Here are the answers of Samuel from TIMEBELLE:
Name: Samuel Forster
What do you do in the band:- I am the percussionist
Where are you right now? - Weinfelden
3 things that makes you happy: - playing and listen to music, love, traveling around the globe
What’s your strangest talent? - rolling cigarettes in all situations ;-)
Do you have any nicknames? - Yes ;-)
Home alone and you're bored. What do you do? Sneak a view into my girlfriends lowest drawer
What is the strangest thing you have in your room? - a sewing machine
What are you really good at? - playing and acting in the moment
What are you really bad at? - organizing stuff in the future
Childhood idol: - David from David and Goliath
Childhood memory: how my grandfather stuffed his pipe
Tell me something no one knows about you: but if I tell you, everybody knows ;)
What would you do if you were invisible? sneak into the kitchen and eat all cookies 
Craziest thing you’ve ever done: - driving Miruna to the airport in Milano
Favorite movie: gladiator
Favorite tv series: game of thrones
Tell me a super power you wish you had: play faster conga than richie flores ;-)
What is your guilty pleasure? eating creme doublé
Name a song that never fails to make you happy: Singing In The Rain
If you were a product, how would you sell yourself? like at this moment
Can you teach me some interesting words in German/Romanian/Serbian/French?
CHUCHICHÄSCHTLI (kitchen box) - swiss german
Kukuruz - Mais - serbian
Concupiscence - To enjoy inclination the worldly goods - french
Harbuz - Wassermelone - romanian dialect
Hello guys! How are you?
- we are really fine!! in a good mood!

How would you describe the band:
- multiculti, fancy
Photo: Lausanne Photo studio
How did you meet each other?
- we met at the university of arts in bern, during our studies

Tell me about the name of the band:
With our name we refer to our study place Berne. We had a beautiful time in Berne, from there the words
You are one of the participants of the Swiss national selection. How did it all begin?
- With the idea of Emanuel Daniel Andriescu:

How was the „Expert Check“ experience?
- For us as classical educated musician really strange, cause we had to play playback. we were not used to it before. Some how it was kind of funny.

"Singing about love" is the title of your song and its written by Mihai Alexandru and Andrada Ioana. How was it working with them?
- We worked very close. And listened to each other to develop the song. It’s a cool collaboration. Mihai is often coming to Switzerland to coach us for this new world of EUROVISION
Whats the story behind the song?
love, respect, bridges, acceptance

Describe the song with 3 words:
happy, catchy, easy
We already saw a live performance of the song on the „expert check“, what can we expect to see on stage for the final?
- you have to watch ;-) it will be different

Do you already know what you are going to wear for the show? any hint?
- Miruna will present herself completely different. I really like it. 
What do you think about the rest of the participants?
- They must be good. But we are concentrated on us.

Did you watch Eurovision 2014? Who was your favorite?
For sure the swiss, cause I liked the whistling of sebalters song
Photo: Lausanne Photo studio
What do you like about Eurovision?
building bridges. That’s what our band, song and project is about.
Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word:
Wind: storm
Clones: Dolly the sheep 
Burger: Brasil
Fear: ?
Music: percussion
Cat: wild
Dreams: my girl
Sebalter: Eurovision - good stuff
Water: rheinfall
What are your plans for 2015?
eurovision, album, tour, organizing the biggest camp for drums and percussion in europe - international drums&percussion camp - weinfelden/switzerland

Is there anything you want to say to close the interview?
I love my grandmother!
Photo: Lausanne Photo studio
Thanks to Samuel for the answers! Good luck to Timebelle!

Official website:

Here is the official video of "Singing about love"

When I'm next to you I feel the love in the air,
'Cause every time you look at me I know you care
I'm so in love with you, than I've never been before,
Can't take it anymore
We can fly, cross the sky just you and me
Nobody needs to know, where we want to be
I'm so in love with you, than I've never been before

I wake up singing my love
I wake up singing my song "doo da da da"
Only you got me feeling so,
That I really know
I never will let you go 
I wake up singing my love
I wake up singing my song "doo da da da"
You and me in a different space,
Our hiding place
Touching your lovely face

Love is all I need from you
I'm ready to get up now,
Take your hand and run into the world
Love is all I need from you
Just you and me in the midnight,
Surrounded by the moonlight

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