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Hinemoa: Our music is based on harmonies and strong rhythms

Photo: Anna Kristin
Now its time to post a very lovely interview! They are one of the participants from the 1st semifinal of the Icelandic selection! Here are the answers of HINEMOA:
Name: Ásta Björg - Rakel Páls - Kristófer Nökkvi - Gísli Páll and Sindri.
Age: Ásta: 29 - Rakel: 26 - Sindri: 24 - Gísli: 23
Birthday: Ásta: January - Rakel: October 21st 1988 - Sindri: June 7th - Gísli: 30th of august
Height: Ásta: tall - Rakel: 161 cm - Sindri: 182 cm
Favorite color: Ásta: blue - Rakel: Moss green - Sindri: Blue, green and orange
Favourite food: Ásta: Monkfish - Rakel: Sushi - Sindri: Everything with parmesan - Kristófer: Steak with bearnaise sauce and red wine! - Gísli: A good hamburger rarely goes wrong.
Eye color: Ásta: blue - Rakel: Yellow/brown/green - Sindri: Blue - Kristófer: Blue - Gísli: Blue
What do you do in the band: 
Ásta: I play guitar, ukulele, sing and harmonise.
Rakel: I am a lead singer with Asta Björg, and I also play guitar.
Sindri: I play the electric bass and the upright bass
Kristófer: Drums
Gísli: I play the drums and I sometimes sing backing vocals.
Where are you right now?
Ásta: I just got home from the theatre, curled up in the sofa, still in my dress. 
Rakel: In my apartment. 
Sindri: On the run going to Eurovision rehearsal
Kristófer: Home sweet home!
Gísli: At work, during my break!
3 things that makes you happy: 
Ásta: writing music, a challenging environment and the people I love. 
Rakel: Family, friends and music. 
Sindri: Music, friends and waking up knowing it’s Saturday
Kristófer: Beer, good friends and great music! 
Gísli: Good friends, good music and good food!
What’s your strangest talent? 
Ásta: I can find a positive thing in the strangest situations. 
Rakel: I can whistle like a bird. 
Sindri: I’m full of useless knowledge
Kristófer I am pretty good at pretending to be listening to my girlfriend.
Gísli: I normally have terrible short term memory, but I can remember anything perfectly that I find funny enough, like acting out whole episodes of South park etc.
Home alone and you're bored. What do you do? 
Ásta: To be honest I’m hardly ever bored. If I’m home alone I take up the guitar and make music, play the piano, read a book.. so many fun things to do at home. 
Rakel: Watch a good movie.
Sindri: I would probably play some music
Kristófer: I play really loud music and dance!
Gísli: I’d probably combine two of my great passions, eating while reading.
What is the strangest thing you have in your room? 
Ásta: Two empty jars with notes in them. One has the word “love” and the other “caring”. I told one of my younger sister I wanted love and more caring in the world for christmas and this is what she gave me. 
Rakel: A picture of the Joker from the movie The dark night. 
Sindri: My llama slippers.
Kristófer: Old parking ticket since 2011, don´t know why but I kind of like it!
Gísli: Band aids made out of bacon, or maybe my bacon flavoured breath mints.
What are you really good at? 
Ásta: Being happy. 
Rakel: Doing the laundry. 
Kristófer: Making people smile and I would consider me a good friend!
Sindri: Relaxing and having a good time with my friends, I always seem to do that right.
Gísli: I read disturbingly fast sometimes. Also I cook bacon better than anyone I know.
What are you really bad at? 
Ásta: Being angry. 
Rakel: Baking.
Sindri: Math
Kristófer: ....drinking whiskey!
Gísli: Being serious.
Childhood idol: 
Ásta: Eyjólfur Sverrisson (an icelandic footballer)  and Stefán Hilmarsson (an icelandic mucisian). 
Rakel: Celine Dion.
Kristófer: When I was younger I loved the band Slipknot so their drummer Joey Jordison was probably my idol.
Gísli: My grandma, what a legendary woman.
Childhood memory: 
Ásta: Taking the spices from my mothers cabinet and using them to make my dirt cakes better for my dolls. 
Rakel: Lovely life in my hometown Akranes. 
Kristófer: When I was 13 years old me and my cousin made an honest try to fly by making wings that we put on our backs. We ran down the road as fast as we could.... obviously that didn't work. What a shocker!
Sindri: My friend and I spent couple of years making a fort in the lava in our home town Hafnarfjörður, I think it might still be there after 15 years.
Gísli: Long horse riding trips with my dad, always ending with a hot dog and a prince polo chocolate bar!
Tell me something no one knows about you: 
Ásta: If I tell you everyone will know. 
Rakel: I don’t have any secrets. I am very open person. 
Kristófer: I like movies better when they don't have a happy ending. I don't like clichés.
Sindri: I can’t whistle
Gísli: I’ve read all the twilight books, I did not like them.
What would you do if you were invisible? 
Ásta: Help my brother to keep his goal clean when he is playing handball - not that he needs help! 
Rakel: I would enjoy singing in my car, like nobody is watching. 
Kristófer: I would smuggle myself inside airplanes and travel the world for free!
Sindri: I’m not quite sure if I’d like to be invisible
Gísli: Try to become visible, then try to find out what the hell happened.
Craziest thing you've ever done: 
Ásta: Moving across the world with out knowing a thing about the place I was moving to. 
Rakel: So many things I can not pick one. 
Kristófer: : I bought a ticket to Roskilde festival in Denmark when I was 17 years old without asking for permission and didn't tell my parent until I was already there. They were remarkably calm about it though.
Sindri: Riding on the back of a motorcycle with a Lithuanian motorcycle gang in the outskirts of Lithuania
Gísli: A double kong vault
Favorite movie: 
Ásta: Shawshank redemption. 
Rakel: Rocky Horror picture show and All I wanna do. 
Kristófer: Boondock saints, Shawshank redemption and Django!
Sindri: The original Star Wars trilogy, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Requiem for a Dream
Gísli: Ong Bak, Green Mile and nostalgia goggles tell me that Pokémon 2000 was a great movie!
Favorite TV series: 
Ásta: Friends. 
Rakel: Hart of dixie.
Kristófer: Breaking Bad!
Sindri: Band of brothers
Gísli: TTGL
Tell me a super power you wish you had: 
Ásta: I wish I could help people to find joy when they are in a dark place. 
Rakel: Move the cars in the traffic so I could move faster. 
Kristófer: : To see the future, then buying a lottery ticket every week! 
Sindri: Being able to convince everyone and everything, I could convince the weather, people to make peace and so on.
Gísli: Molecular Manipulation.
What is your guilty pleasure? 
Ásta: Taking a day off from everything, just stay in my pajamas and watch good TV series and movies all day. 
Rakel: I listen to Friðrik Dór - Í síðasta skipti on repeat.
Kristófer: Patsy Cline.
Sindri: Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus
Gísli: Untouched - The Veronicas, Helena - MCR (Dont tell anyone ok?)
Name a song that never fails to make you happy: 
Ásta: Sounds strange but it is Hotel California - the acoustic version. 
Rakel: Happy - Pharrell Williams 
Kristófer: Brass monkey – Beastie Boys 
Sindri: Coffee & TV - Blur
Gísli: African Skies - Brecker Brothers
If you were a product, how would you sell yourself? 
Ásta: I’m not sure I’m a fan of this question.. 
Rakel: I would make a music video with some famous people. 
Kristófer:  I would cover my self in glitter, go to the mall and hold a sign that says: On Sale. (every woman would buy that)
Gísli: Ditto Ásta.
Can you teach me some interesting words in icelandic? 
Ásta: “Bergmál”, one of my favorite icelandic words and means “echo”. 
Rakel: Sviðakjammi (Sheeps jaw ,,Svithakjammi”). 
Kristófer: The most typical word is of course “Skál“ which means cheers but the most useful word in Iceland is obviously Eyjafallajökull right? 
Sindri: Bjúgaldin - Banana
Gísli: Bumubani which roughly translates to bellybuster. An infomercial fitness equipment.
Hello guys! How are you?
We are good! :) Very happy at the moment and excited for the 31st of January.
How would you describe the band?
Hinemoa is a very relaxed band, our music is a bit folky, cute, based on harmonies and strong rhythms. Not at all like our song “Þú leitar líka að mér” - well, apart from the rhythms. 
How did you meet each other?
We all met in jazz school believe it or not. 

Tell me about the name of the band:
The name comes from New Zealand. It is a maori story about the girl Hinemoa and how she conquered the obstacles to be with the man she loved.
You are one of the participants of Songvakeppnin 2015. How did it all begin?
Ásta Björg, a member of our band and the songwriter for “Þú leitar líka að mér” wanted us to perform the song after she knew she got in the semi finals. We jumped on the chance because we love the song and it is a great competition.

"Þú leitar líka að mér" is the title of the song, whats the story behind it?
It is about looking for that someone that you know is out there just for you and knowing that that someone is doing the same thing.
Describe the song with 4 words:
Happy, warm, rhythmic, samba.

What can we expect to see on stage for the performance?
A lot of colors and a lot of joy.
Do you already know what you are going to wear for the semifinal? any hint?
That has been a big headache but yes, finally. We can say that we will keep it loose and colorful.

Have you heard any of the other participants? any favorite?
Yes, now we have hear them all, at least in the icelandic competition and we like them all. Söngvakeppnin this year is truly a good one.
What do you like about Eurovision?

What do you dislike about Eurovision?
What is not to like? We love Eurovision. 
Photo: Anna Kristin
Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word:
Friends: Ásta: Central Perk - Rakel: Phoebe - Kristófer: Beer! - Sindri: Travelling - Gísli: Family
Nightmare: Ásta: Deep waters - Rakel: Falling from a cliff -  Kristófer: Spiders! - Sindri Gísli: Fuel
Sauna: Ásta: Relaxation - Rakel: Finland - Kristófer: The gym - Sindri: Tampere, Finland - Gísli: Spa
Watermelon: Ásta: Being broke - Rakel: Ice Age - Kristófer: Herbie Hancock - Sindri: Herbie Hancock - Gísli: Herbie
Fear: Ásta: falling - Rakel: Monster - Kristófer: Spiders! - Gísli: Tenacity
Beard: Ásta: Awesome - Rakel: Kristófer - Kristófer: Me - Sindri: Kristófer - Gísli: nice
Guitar: Ásta: Love - Rakel: Martin - Kristófer: Solo - Gísli: shred
Racoon: Ásta: Cartoons - Rakel: Pocahontas - Kristófer: Kolli Káti (old cartoon) - Gísli: Rocket
Stage: Ásta: Dream - Rakel: Big - Kristófer: Fun! - Gísli: Les Mis
Dreams: Ásta: Flying - Rakel: Flowers - Kristófer: Money - Gísli: Security
What are your plans for 2015?
The plans for us in Hinemoa are to release more songs, work on more music, attend festivals, bring joy to others and enjoy life.
Is there anything you want to say to close the interview?
We hope you like our song and that you will be able to share the joy, take a moment and find something to be happy about. After that: Stand up and DANCE. 

Thanks to Hinemoa for the interview! Wish them all the best on saturday!


Þú leitar líka að mér

Að bryggju bátinn ber.
Ég brosi með sjálfri mér.
Nú kviknar von, um að þú sért þar.
Ég klæði mig í kjól og háa hælaskó.
Í kvöld ætla ég að finna þig.

Og þó, ég hafi þig víst aldrei séð,
ég veit, þú leitar lík'að mér.
Og þó, ég hafi reynt og reynt,
ég verð að reyna einu sinni enn...

Og þó, ég hafi þig víst aldrei séð
ég veit, þú leitar lík'að mér.
Og þóóó, ég hafi reynt og reynt
ég verð að reyna einu sinni enn...

Hef fjölda froska kysst
enginn þeirra reyndist prins.
Hvar eru ævintýra- endalokin mín?
Hver veit hvað bíður mín?
Kemst ég þá loks til þín?
Svo margar spurningar hafa engin svör.

Og þó, ég hafi þig víst aldrei séð,
ég veit, þú leitar lík'að mér.
Og þóóó, ég hafi reynt og reynt,
ég verð að reyna einu sinni enn...

Og þó, ég hafi þig víst aldrei séð,
ég veit, þú leitar lík'að mér.
Og þóóó, ég hafi reynt og reynt,
ég skal reyn’ einu sinni enn...

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