Sunday, March 11, 2012


Taaaaack!! tusen tusen tack to the people who voted for Loreen! I'm really really happy right now, theres no words to explain how this MF has been for me. I remember reading the rumors when the list of songtitles came out and Euphoria was without a singer, some people started saying that it was a song for Loreen and everybody started thinking of Loreen doing a Jenny Silver 2011 because G:son was one of the composers. Loreen was the 1st artist that was officially taking part in the Melodifestivalen 2012 as she was the 1st name that Bjorkman announced in the first press conference in November. I fell in love with Loreen last year in the 2nd semifinal, her song "My heart is refusing me" was my favorite of the year and was the one i wanted in Eurovision, im sure no one would ever imagine that she was going to come back and win in 2012. I love the Melodifestivalen, it might sound a bit freak but i really enjoy to follow everything and visit a lot of webs & blogs to get to know all the things that are happening there, i hope one day i can be there to enjoy it for real not just like a computer nerd hehe. This year was a weird Melodifestivalen cause after the performance of Loreen in the Semifinal i was sure that she was going to be my top 1 cause it was impossible to find something so good, so powerful. That performance was so magical that i really think that it was the best performance i've ever since in the Melodifestivalen stage, so maybe thats why i was a bit disappointed with the rest of the songs. I started feeling like "please i dont want to find out another great song, i just want this to end and to see Loreen in Eurovision". In the semifinal 2 and 3 there was no one to beat her but we all knew since the beginnig that the only threat to her was Danny but it turned out the other way. I dont know if this have sense hehe its really late in here and im kinda tired but i really wanted to make a post to share all the things i felt with Euphoria. Loreen is a great and talented ARTIST and after i watched some interviews with her, i can say that she is also a sweet, down to earth and humble person, she gave us her heart in each performance and made us feel the Euphoria, Thank you Loreen for all the fantastic moments of this years Melodifestivalen, i really hope with all my heart that she can do great in Eurovision! Im so happy that Sweden voted with their hearts for this talented girl and for her breathtaking performance.
We love you Loreen!! TACK SVERIGE!!!!

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