Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Slovakia 2012: Its not Miro, its Max Jason Mai

OMG i think i should stop drooling, well Slovakia months ago announced Miro Smajda as their entry for Baku but then i dont know what happened that everything about Miro and Eurovision dissapeared. Today at 11am Slovakian tv announced the artists and song that are going to represent them in may and its not Miro but Max Jason Mai heheheheh i dont get why did he changed his name for Eurovision and why that name but who cares he is HOT and talented.

Here is the Slovakian entry for this year Dont close your eyes:

I think this is a good song and i cant wait to see this live in a performance, Slovakia is in a super hard semifinal so i wish them all the best and Good luck to Miro/Max Jason Mai.

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