Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Russia 2012: Party for everybody

Buranovskiye Babushki won the Russian national final and are going to Party for everybody in Baku, they were not my favorites but after i watched their performance i knew they were going to win. Right now i cant believe how people can see this winning Eurovision, if that happens that would be the worst thing that can happen to Esc, i respect them but if people vote for them is not because of the song and that sucks, their vocals are pretty bad but i dont think its a song to sing well, they look cute and enjoy their performance but i really hope this can stays out of the top 15 in the final.

Dima Bilan and Yulia were my favorites, their song was the best of the 25 in the competition. I think they didnt want to go to Eurovision, their were here just to promote their new song and they did a nice job it wasnt great but it was good after a lot of bad songs.

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