Thursday, March 8, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 - Andra Chansen: Top Cats & Thorsten Flinck to Globen

The Andra Chansen was on Saturday and we got our last 2 finalists.

Im going to comment first the eliminated songs:

Dynazty - The land of broken dreams

I really like them and they did a great job on stage but Top Cats were better.

Andreas Johnson - Lovelight

Im not a fan of Andreas but this year i started to like him a bit and his elimination in my opinion was unfair but thats how the game is, i knew that Timoteij were going to win this duel cause it was a catchy folk pop song on swedish but Andreas gave a nice performance, so well done Andreas!.

Lotta Engberh & Christer Sjögren - Dont let me down

Boo theres no video from the Andra chansen performance on youtube :( I loved the performance, they did a fantastic job, their chemestry on stage worked and it was much better than the semifinal performance.

Youngblood - Youngblood

They were a bit better than the dissaster from the semifinal but still i dont like the song, i wish all the best to the guys and good luck with their album.

Timoteij - Stormande hav

The biggest problem with this were Timoteij im sorry they are beautiful but theres something missing, i dont know,  maybe their stage presence is too weak, also its funny that they added the recorder backing vocals track to the whole song so they werent singing and when they sang it didnt sound well, i guess that someone on the final is going to do to the backing vocals track thing to sound better too, back to this, all i can say is i like the song but dont like Timoteij.

Sean Banan - Sean den forste Banan

I love Sean Banan, this was the most catchy song of this year, im sure he got a lot of votes, even more than top cats so its kinda sad that he is not in the final, but im glad that he is doing great on itunes and people is buying his album, Well done Sean den forste BANAAAAN!!

Here are the finalists:
Top Cats - Baby Doll

I like this a lot, their energy on stage is very cool and i really enjoyed the performance and im very happy for them. Congrats to the guys from Top Cats

Thorsten Flink och Revelationsorkestern - Jag reser mig igen

I was very scared with him on the 1st semifinal but the performance in Andra chansen was so good, i can see this doing very well with the televote, i think his performance was as good as the lyrics of the song and the lyrics are great, so im really impressed with this.

The final is getting close and im getting very excited and nervous at the same time, im trying to get ready for a disappointment but i still have hope so i'll make about the final soon and then we will have to wait.


Baby doll - Top Cats
Jag reser mig igen - Thorsten Flinck och Revelationsorkestern

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