Saturday, March 10, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012: Pre-Final

Tomorrow its the day, after 6 weeks of excitement, good songs, fun moments, drama and so many things i can name right now, tomorrow night we will know who is going to be the winner of the Melodifestivalen 2012. This year was a bit diferent for me and as i said on my post of the 1st semifinal i'll wait till the end to say what i really feel, its kinda hard cause i see a lot of good comments, polls, odds, sales and that makes me very happy but i dont know why i still thinking that anything can happen tomorrow. Here is the running order for the final and some pics from the rehearsals:

1.Shout it out - David Lindgren
2.Jag reser mig igen - Thorsten Flinck och Revelutionsorkestern
3.Mistery - Dead By April
4.Why start a fire - Lisa Miskovsky
5.Baby doll - Top Cats
6.Euphoria - Loreen
7.Soldiers - Ulrik Munther
8.Mirakel - Björn Ranelid feat. Sara Li
9.Why am i crying? - Molly Sandén
10.Amazing - Danny Saucedo

I think this years final is very good, there is a song for everyone and i like all the songs there isnt a song to hate or to ignore, of course there is only 1 song that is an orgasm for me and well i guess for a lot of people too. I've been trying not to get super excited cause i dont want to be super disappointed but if everything goes well tomorrow im going to be the happiest boy in the world, so if you are swedish dont forget to vote, i wish all the best to all the artists and composers of the songs. I dont want to say anything cause i dont want to fuck everything but please vote for the right one and the right one for me is the MELODI NUMMER 6. Good luck to everyone.

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