Sunday, March 18, 2012

Azerbaijan 2012: When the music dies

I havent post anything about the Azerbaijan selection this year and it was because i didnt follow the long amateur selection and i was waiting for the song so now its time to talk about the girl that won the right to represent her country this year. Sabina Babayeva is a fantastic singer and its great to see a great singer representing Azerbaijan cause i think that was their weak part in Eurovision. Here is the song and its called "When the music dies":

Wow, now i see that they want to win again, the vocals of this girl are amazing, i cant wait to see her performing this song, i think this is the 2nd best song that Azerbaijan have sent to Eurovision, the best one for me is Always. If last year with that nice song and solid performance but a bad singer "Nikki" they won, i can see them winning with this song or at least a top 5. Well done to the swedish composers and to the ones who selected this girl cause she is really good.

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