Saturday, January 14, 2017

Emma: "I've always wanted to represent Finland in the contest!"

Time to stand in a circle of light and enjoy a new UMK interview. She is the fan favorite and I cant wait to see what she is going to do on stage. Here are Emma's answers:
Name: Emma
Birthday: 28 August
Height: 167
Favorite color: Vintage light greenish gray (very difficult to explain :) )
Favorite food: Chocolate, haha!
Where are you right now? In my appartment in Stockholm
3 things that make you happy: Family, Friends and a Christmas tree!
What’s your strangest talent? Hmm! I haven't figured out my strangest talent yet!
What is the strangest thing you have in your room? Two old vintage doors next to my bed who are over 2 meters high and weighs more than you could imagine. (They are loose doors, and all of my friends wont help me with my moving anymore because of those doors, haha!)
What are you really good at? Listening to people.
What are you really bad at? Washing the dishes!
Childhood idol: My father. He still is!
Childhood memory: Me and my dad dancing to Whitney Houstons I will always love you!
Celebrity crush: Johnny Depp!
Tell me something no one knows about you: I sometimes dream things that actually happens later on.
What would you do if you could stop the time? Spend every moment with the people I love the most!
Favorite movie: Forrest Gump or Braveheart!
Favorite TV series:  Friends! (I know all the lines!)
What is your guilty pleasure? Eating nutella. Just as it is! ...A lot!
If you were a boy for a day, what would you do? Go into their so called mode of "box of nothing" and stay there. Thinking of nothing. It sounds so easy and calm! But this might be a myth, I don't know?
Name a song that never fails to make you happy: Beyonce - Run the world, Whitney Houston - I will always love you, or anything by Queen!
Can you teach me some interesting words in finnish? Well you already know the world "Rakas" which means "dear, darling or honey". But "Minä rakastan sinua" means I love you" so : Rakas, minä rakastan sinua! :)
Hello Emma! How are you?
Hi, Thank you, I'm great! I hope you are feeling awesome aswell!

How would you describe yourself as an artist?
A hardworking artist who stays true to herself and is always humble and grateful!
You are one of the participants of UMK 2017. How did it all begin?
I called up one of the song writers, asking her if she could help me get into the Eurovision Song Contest. I've always wanted to represent Finland in the contest!
Photo: YLE
“Circle of light” is the title of your song, what’s the story behind it?
It's a story where you can try to visualise an empowering circle around yourself where you are safe and where you stay strong. No matter what happens in your life, you always have to keep going and be brave. Inside your own circle you are.
Describe the song with 4 words:
Powerful, Strong, Brave, Comforting!

What can we expect to see on stage for the performance?
Lights, amazing choreography and some other amazing surprises aswell!
Do you already know what you're going to wear for the final? Any hint?
Yes! It's so beautiful! Lets just say that it has got some insipration from the Finnish nature!

Tell me about the official video of “Circle of light”:
Well it's the same story we tell in two different time periods. It's because all the sorrows and pain we feel today, we've felt so many times before. Lost of loved once, fear, pain. Many people have been questioning the part where my loved one in the music video dies, and been wondering "aren't we suppose to be safe in the Circle Of Light"? But that is the point of the song, how do we survive and stay strong through situations that feels helpless and painfull? It can be anything from beeing bullied in school, feeling lost, or losing a loved one - we find our inner Circle Of Light and we are safe there because of the power of our thoughts and minds.
Have you heard any of the other songs in the competition? Any favorite?
Yes, I've heard them all! I really like Alva, Norma John and Lauris songs.

What do you like about Eurovision?
I like that so many people around the world (not only Europe now a days :) ) unites in one night to celebratre music, friendship and love! And I also love to see all the different cultures coming together and learning from each other! So amazing to see!

What do you dislike about Eurovision?
I don't know! Is there anything to dislike about the Eurovision? :)
Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word:
Northern lights: Finnish Lapland
Hair: Messy in the mornings!
Fear: Comes from ones mind, not ones heart!
Watermelon: Summer!
Cats: That I love my dog! ;)
Dreams: Standing on the Eurovisioin stage, singing my heart out and sharing my biggest dream with you!
What are your plans for 2017?
Well I hope I'll get to travel to Ukraine this spring but other than that I hope to realese more music and perform as much as I can.

Is there anything you want to say to close the interview?
I'm grateful for all the support you've shown me so far! It gives me energy to continue and reminds me of why I'm doing this! Thank you so much for that. I really hope to see you all in Kiev.
Thanks to Emma for the interview! Wish her all the best in the UMK final!


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