Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ulrik Munther: "I expect to make a great and intimate performance"

The Melodifestivalen 2012 started last saturday and its time for the 1st MF interview of this year. He is going to open the semifinal 2 on saturday and he is already one of the favorites of this year. He is Ulrik Munther and here are his answers:

How are you right now? are you ready for your semifinal?
I'm just now on my way to Gothenburg to rehears and prepare for Saturday. I've already rehearsed a couple of times but I wouldn't say I'm ready just yet. But I will be!
Tell me something about you. What do you like to do in your free time? something interesting that no one knows about you?
Music has always been my biggest interest, and when I'm not jamming/writing/preforming I'm probably hanging out with my friends, playing video games and stuff.
I do however know how to unicycle and joggle… not at the same time though. Did you know that?

How was your experience in the Lilla Melodifestivalen and MGP Nordic?
Great! It was the first time I did something that broke me nationwide.
It was a lot of fun and it went pretty well, since I won. But I'm not sure if you can compare it with Melodifestivalen.
What are your expectations for the Melodifestivalen this year?
I expect a massive amount of fun, and to make a great and intimate performance.

How are you doing with the rehearsals?
As I mentioned earlier, I'm on my way to Gothenburg as we speak, to rehears but I've already rehearsed a couple of times.
Your song is called "Soldiers". Was it made for the Melodifestivalen? what was your 1st thought when you heard it? what is the song about?
I co-wrote the song, so I never "heard it for the first time". I'm not only an Artist, I'm a "singer and songwriter". It was kind of made for Melodifestivalen.
It's a pop rock song about forgiveness.
Describe the song with 4 words
The River meets Apologize (Bruce Springsteen, One Republic)

Tell me about the performance, how is it going to be?
Me, a guitar and harmonica och two drummers...
What are you going to wear for the semifinal?
A brand new guitar that I'm really proud of.

You are one of the biggest favorites to win the Melodifestivalen 2012, do you feel pressure for that or you prefer to not pay attetion and just focus on what you have to do on stage?
I'm just gonna do my thing. I mean it doesn't really say that much since they haven't even heard the song yet.
If you win, are you ready to bring the Eurovision back to Sweden?
Of course!

Who was your favorite in the Melodifestivalen last year?
Christian Waltz

Do you have a favorite song from Melodifestivalen?
Keep on Walking, Salem Al Fakir

Are you preparing an album for this year?
My album is completed and I´m out to promote it and then off to a huge tour.
Do you have a message for the Eurovision fans?
Thanks for your support! I really hope you like the song, please visit: for more info


If you want more of Ulrik here is his website: and his twitter:

Take a look at this: hehe.

Tomorrow there will be a 1min of the song in the Melodifestivalen web.

Thanks to Ulrik for the answers and i wish him all the best for the semifinal.

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