Friday, February 3, 2012

Silya's performance is going to be "Energetic, sassy, fun and euphoric"

The last semifinal of the MGP 2012 is on saturday and i asked some questions to one of the favorites of this year. She is Silya and here are her answers:

The semifinal is getting closer, how do you feel in this moment? are you ready for it?
Just made it to Florø yesterday and i feel great! Was sick last weekend and a bit worried about my voice, but all is good now! After rehearsal yesterday and now being here in it all i feel very ready! Boooya!

Can you introduce yourself? tell me something about you? what do you like to do in your free time? when did you start singing? your favorite movie when you were a little girl?
My name is Silya .I live in New York now, but am a true Norwegian and feel like an ambassador abroad kinda haha. I'm a singer and i write songs for myself and other artists as well . When i don't do that i love to go dancing. I love treasurehunting for fun vintageclothing. Especially hats. And i love hanging with my friends and just have fun. I sang in the schoolchoir when i was little. And played piano. Then i stopped for while and was a dancer fulltime, but picked music back up when i was around 20.
Just naming one movie is hard ,but i have to say since i love old Holywood movies and my dad loves Gene Kelly. I remember seeing "singing in the rain" with him and LOVING everything about it...

How this MGP experience started?
I used to be in a band , Multicyde, here in Norway about 10 years ago. But i've lived in NYC for 6 years now and haven't really been a part of the Norwegian scene. I was asked to come back to Norway to do MGP which sounded like a lot of fun so i'm very happy to be here!

What can you tell me about Shapeshifter and Rikke Normann? Whats the story behind the song?
Well "shapeshifter" came about in LA last spring. I was on a writing trip just writing a bunch of songs in different styles. It's about morphing into another person. People have interpreted it in different ways. For me i thought about sex when i wrote about it actually..Some have said they got a "true blood" vibe which is totally fine with me. Theres something animlistic and sexy about all those vampires and werewolves :)
The MGP camp wanted the song to be in the competition and i was introduced to Rikke Normann who put her own flavour on it. I think she did a great job :)
Your 2nd song is called "Euphoria" and its the one you are going to sing on saturday, what is the song about? what were you thinking when you wrote it?
"Euphoria" was written also last year after a ruff time.. It's about going through something bad, coming out on the other side and feeling extatictally happy and alive. and it's also about taking back control of your own life and about being independant and a bit of a badass! ;)

What can you tell me about the performance? how is it going to be?
You'll just have to wait and see....

Describe the performance with 4 words
Energetic, sassy, fun and euphoric ;)

Give a hint about what are you going to wear on the semifinal
Feminine but in a 'don't mess with me' kinda way...
Did you heard all the songs of this year? do you have a favorite?
What's cool about MGP is that there are all kinds of styles.. Something for everyone.. There are a lot of talented people involved and it's hard to pick one..

What do you think about the songs from your semifinal?
Same thing.. A lot of variety in styles which is great! I'm so excited to see everyones performances which i think are almost just as important as the song.. A really bad performance can kill a great song.
Did you watch the semifinal 1 and 2? if you did, can you share your thoughts about the results?
The first semifinal made sense to me. The 2nd one did not..

Tell me your opinion about the last 4 MGP winners and their songs:
Maria is a friend of mine and a hell of a singer! she can do no wrong..
Alexander Rybak is a cutie and i totally get why that song made it all the way.
Didrik i don't know too well.. he did a ballad right ..Not a big fan of very standardy ballads . But he's ok i guess.
Stella did something very not typical norwegian and it went over well and was very catchy..
You can never really know what kind of song and artist will win. Like i said before there are so many different kinds of songs and artists and people have different tastes in music you know.. So u just gotta do ur thing :)
Do you have a message for the Eurovision fans?
I hope you like to dance and have a good time.. That's what i will be doing on Saturday and i'm excited to put on a show for you! I'll be doing it my way :) Thanks for all your support and have fun!! xxx Silya

If you want to know more about Silya visit her website
Her facebook page!/SiLyAmusic
Follow her on twitter
And you can buy her song here:

Thanks to Silya for being nice and for the answers cause i know she must be kinda busy right now and she still answered the questions and i really appreciate that. I wish her all the best on saturday and lets hope for good results in this semifinal.

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