Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Italy 2012: NINA ZILLI!

Italy returned to Eurovision last year with Raphael Gualazzi and a great 2nd place in Düsseldorf, this year after Sanremo long nights and a never ending final they announced the artist that is going to represent them in Buku in may, who is it? NINA ZILLI, yaaaaaaaaay im sooo happy, she was one of my favorites of Sanremo this year and i really wanted them to select a big artist for eurovision and not a participant of the Giovani competition so i was really surprised and excited when they said her name.

Here is the performance of her Sanremo song "Per sempre"

This is so good, she is classy and i love her.

Now i'll post some of my favorites of Sanremo 2012:


Arisa: My winner!!

Back to Nina!
We dont know yet what song is going to Eurovision, it can be Per sempre, a new song or a song from her new album "L'amore e femmina".
Her album is sooo good so im sure she is going to be on my super favorites and i also think that the juries are going to LOVE her.
My favorite song from her album is a 3min song so can this be her Eurovision song??

If her record company selects this song for Eurovision i think Rai should start thinking about the 2013 contest cause i can see her winning!!! Good luck to Nina Zilli and i hope she get the right song for Eurovision.

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