Monday, February 27, 2012

The Netherlands 2012: JOAN FRANKA!!!!

Yaaaaaay, GO JOAN!!, the Nationaal Songfestival 2012 got 6 artists in 3 duels and a great winner!!. The Netherlands made a national selection this year and the show was really good, i hope they stay with this way of selection for some years cause its interesting and much better than the past years. I liked all the artists but i think they select them because they are good and not because of theirs songs cause there were some weak songs in the selection. When the names of the artists were announced i was really excited to see Joan, Kim and Pearl in the competition then when i heard some seconds of the songs i started to feel that the one i was going to like the most was Joan and yeah it turned out that way so im very happy with this selection!

"You and me" a cute little song that made me sing along. The best song of the 6 participants in my opinion, about the performance i think it can be better, they should find a better backing vocalist cause i didnt like this one. Joan is a fantastic and genuine artist, im very happy for her and i hope she can be one of the finalists in may cause this is a good song and deserve to get into the final, The Netherlands is already one of my favorites of this year. Well done to the people who voted for Joan! GO JOAN!!!
Congratulations to Joan and i wish her all the best for Eurovision!!

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