Saturday, February 25, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012: Semifinal 4 - Rehearsals

The last semifinal is getting closer and tomorrow we are going to listen to the winner of this year :´(. Now some pics from the rehearsals:

1. The Girl - Charlotte Perrelli
2. Allting blir bra igen - OPA!
3. Land of Broken Dreams - Dynazty
4. Don't Let Me Down - Lotta Engberg och Christer Sjögren
5. Goosebumps - Hanna Lindblad
6. Kyss mig - Axel Algmark
7. Why Start A Fire - Lisa Miskovsky
8. Amazing - Danny Saucedo

There is less hope in me right now :( so i hope i like the song that obviously is going to win from the snippet all i can say is that i think is not the best song of this year but i'll wait to listen the whole but im sure that i'll still thinking the same, from the 1min clips of the rehearsals i only liked Axel Algmark and i guess he is chanceless but i wish him all the best for the Semifinal. Swedish people vote for Melodi nummer 6!!

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