Monday, February 27, 2012

Slovenia 2012: Eva Boto - Verjamem

Slovenia made a kinda Unser star fur XX to select their entry this year and all the balkan countries selected famous artists internally, so a new artist born and the song Verjamem is the one that the talented Eva Boto is going to sing on Baku.

The selection started last year, there were a lot of shows to select and eliminate singers, at the end only 2(3) singers survived, Eva Boto and the twins Nika & Eva. I have to say that my favorites were the twins cause they have something that made me like them and Boto was a better singer but i didnt see any charisma on her. Tonight when i watched the performance of Verjamem i was like "wow" this song suits her so well, she looked great, her vocals were flawless as always and she got the perfect energy for that song, so Slovenia made the right decision and i can see Eva doing very well and better than other Balkan super starts. Go Eva and good luck in May!

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