Friday, September 24, 2010

Melodifestivalen 2010 Deltävling 3

A new semifinal came and in this one, i was very curious about the songs from Alcazar and Darin, here are my opinions about the songs and performances i liked the most.

Deltävling 3

Melodi nummer 1: Headlines - Alcazar

When Svt announced that Alcazar were one of the artists competing in the 2010 MF it was a great surprise to see then back after 2009, the description of the song made me wait for it very exited, well i think they did a fabulous performance as always, they had so much energy, it was a powerful performance and i really loved it, the song was nice but it wasnt better than Stay the night.

Melodi nummer 6: Kom - Timoteij

The biggest shock moment of 2010 was when this 4 young girls won the semifinal, i loved their faces when they won, the song have something that i love, its very catchy and the girls did a great job even if i thought that it would be better for the Junior Eurovision song contest.

Melodi nummer 7: You're out of my life - Darin

Then the favorite of the semifinal came, im not sure if the biggest shock moment was that the girls of Timoteij won or Darin didnt, it was like what, and maybe i still dont get it, to me he was the best of the night, the song is a great ballad, and he did an amazing performance, so sad that he said he wouldnt come back to mf, but i guess we have to wait to see if he change his mind.

Then the other songs in orden of preference:
Hur kan jag tro på kärlek - Erik Linder
Yeba - Getty Domain
Heaven or hell - Crucified Barbara
Tonight - Johannes Bah Kunhke
Doctor, doctor - Elin Lanto

Inget konstigt alls

My Favorite

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