Friday, September 3, 2010

It's not Janna, it's not Amy, She is Jamala

This is Jamala a 27 years old extravagant jazz singer and she is one of the 35 artists that will compete in the 2011 Ukranian National Final.

She won the contest New wave 2009 and she said to that her fans wanted to see her in eurovision, and if people wanted to hear her music she can't refuse and she believe that it's a great opportunity to represent her country and show her music all over europe.

Well i really like this girl, she is very unique, i love her voice, look, style and i can not wait for her song in the National final.

When i saw that video, i fell in love with Jamala...Like my lovely Hera Björk said: Je ne sais quoi, i know she has a special something.

It's Germany ready for Jamala?

I am definitely ready to see her representing Ukraine next year but let's wait for the song 'cause right now i'm just talking about her as an artist.

Here are the other performances she did in New wave 2009: History Repeating and Маменькин сынок

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