Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Melodi Grand Prix 2010

I will comment about the last year National finals and the 1st i'm going to talk about is the MGP

Semifinal 1
Semifinal 2
Semifinal 3

My Favorite 
It was love at first sight, when i listened to the song i was like OMG this is so cute and fabulous, it's the perfect pop song with a nice singer. In the semifinal the performance was a bit weak and she didnt went directly to the final, but in the Siste Sjansen she did a good job. Then in the final it was very depressing when she didnt made it in the top 4.

There were other songs i loved like:

and i also loved Marte Stokstad and Per Sundnes they did a fantastic job hosting the show.

Well i just wait great songs for next year and please no more Metal...

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