Thursday, September 2, 2010

How it all began?

My name is Os, i'm 18 and i am a Eurovision addict

It all began when i was 11 years old on February 17, 2003 the day of the Spanish national final, i was a huge fan of Operacion Triunfo 2 and that was the reason i watched the nf, in OT my favorite since the 1st day was Ainhoa ( i was so happy when she won) but after having listened to the 9 songs in the preselection i fell in love with Beth and her song Dime. Obviously i was extremely excited when Dime won the National final.

And since that day a new date was marked on my calendar: May 24

I remember that TVE showed the preview videos of the participating countries but i didnt pay attention because i just wanted to watch the video of beth. They also made special shows before eurovision with Beth and some of the OT guys and they showed videos of european cities supporting beth and that gave me an idea about making something to support her so i took a white t-shirt from the school and i wrote the lyrics of Dime on it, i had a white brief and i wrote on the back side "Beth Dime 12points", and i did the same with a pair of white socks and then my Eurovision outfit was ready.

The sun appeared and i opened my eyes, the day of the eurovision has come and i was ready for it of course wearing my eurovision outfit. The special show before Eurovision started and they talked with beth, showed the rehearsals and other stuff. It was a good show, they gave a lot of support to beth and i was looking forward for the ESC to begin.(BTW now i can say that in those days Tve cared about eurovision.) then the show ended and the Eurovision theme started:

The ESC has started and iceland was the 1st song i heard (i will talk about the songs in other post) but i couldnt wait for beth..austria, ireland, turkey, malta, bosnia & herzegovina, portugal, croatia, cyprus, germany, russia and the moment i've been waiting for arrived:

I was so nervous, but when the music started i began to sing and dance Dime, i was so happy and excited those 3 minutes were absolutely amazing, and i really enjoyed the whole show but then i got more nervous when the voting part came, i wanted Spain to win but it didnt win, and i remember i was sad when she finished 8th  but it wasnt a bad position and she was my winner.

I will never forget that song, i watched Eurovision because of it.

May 24, 1956 1st Eurovision song contest
May 24, 2003 My 1st Eurovision song contest

What can i say? this is not a coincidence

Eurovision has given me a lot of fantastic songs, unforgettable moments, good friends and so many  wonderful things, Here i will post all my thoughts about the eurovision world.

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