Saturday, September 18, 2010

Melodifestivalen 2010 Deltävling 2

After the excitement of the 1st Semifinal the week of the 2nd semifinal came, in my opinion it wasnt better than the 1st one but lets see which songs and performances were the ones i loved:

Deltävling 2

Melodi nummer 1: Manboy - Eric Saade

When i listened the 1min preview of the song, i found it ok, but on the stage was very good, he is very cute and looked absolutely hot dancing under the water, it was a surprise when he won the semifinal 'cuz i think the song is not that good, to me the song is very weak the only thing i like about the song is the chorus but the show was very good.

Melodi nummer 7: Underbart - Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän

To me the lyrics and the music of this song are so beautiful and Kalle & Orsa delivers a nice and sincere performance so thats why they were one of my favorites that night.

Melodi nummer 8: Manipulated - Hanna Lindblad

When SVT published the names of the artists in november i started searching information, videos and songs from them, and when i watched Hanna i really liked her, then when the preview of the song came i kinda like it but i just wanted to see her show, well to me the song its good, but i think she is much much better and she proved with the amazing show she did, she can sing, dance, the choreography was perfect for the song, and all i can say is that i really hope to see her name on the 2011 list of MF artist.

Then the other songs in orden of preference:

My Favorite
Hanna Lindblad

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