Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Melodifestivalen 2010 Deltävling 1

This year was the 1st time i watched the Melodifestivalen live, i always liked the songs from the past years so i was ready to follow the show live. I think all the MF fans wait for February the whole year, when Svt presented the artists i was so impressed and i couldnt wait for the songs, then the 1st week of february arrived and i started reading all the things that the press said about the songs, watching pics of the rehearsals and all that stuff, and when friday came and the 1min of the songs were in thee official web i was super excited, i loved 6 songs and i was so ready for the 1st semifinal.

Deltävling 1

Well this was the 1st thing i watched and it was amazing, 3 gorgeous women  Charlotte, Nanne and Sonja with a nice song and a great performance.
Now i will talk about my favorite songs from the semifinal 1:
Melodi nummer 1: Unstoppable - Ola

This was the one i liked the most in the moment i listened the 1min, its so powerful and Ola gave us a fantastic performance, he looked so good, the song is great and he deserved the place in the final.
Melodi nummer 3: You're making me hot hot hot - Linda Pritchard

Well what can i say, she was one of the biggest surprises to me, wonderful singer, nice dancer, hot look with a hot hot hot ok song, and a fabulous performance that made me say WOW this girl is fantastic but i truly believe that she is much better than the song and i hope to see her next year with a great song.
Melodi nummer 6: I did it for love - Jessica Andersson

A beautiful ballad sung by a talented woman, i love the lyrics of the song and the performance was so magnificent, she made me feel the song.
Melodi nummer 8: Keep on walking - Salem Al Fakir

When Svt announced that he was the 2nd Joker i was like WTF because i thought his style wasnt the right one for the MF but when i watched him on the stage with the piano, his cute strange look, his energy and that great song i fell in love with him, it was a nice surprise when he won the semifinal but he really deserved, i love the song cause is one of those songs you listen when you feel bad and gives you positive energy, and it have a wonderful message.
Then the other songs in order of preference:
Road salt - Pain of Salvation
The Saviour - Anders Ekborg
Singel - Frispråkarn
A place to stay - Jenny Silver

My Favorite

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