Sunday, February 12, 2017

Spain 2017: Manel Navarro

There is no Spanish NF without a Eurodrama and oh boy, we got a big one this year but first here is the song that is going to represent Spain in Kiev: Do it for your lover by Manel Navarro.
I didnt watch the show live but I watched a video from the moment of the results and it was awful, I cant believe the way TVE is hurting Eurovision in Spain. My support to the 6 artists who were in the middle of that shitty mess, especially to Manel and Mirela who were the ones in the spotlight. I totally get the anger/disappointment from the fans but attacking Manel is not the right thing to do in my opinion. The ones to blame for the rules is TVE, not Manel or his record company, Now lets talk about the performance, I didnt like it as much as I like the song, it felt a bit flat and he looked pretty nervous, I think a "chilling at the beach with some friends, playing music near to a bonfire" idea would work better than what they did last night. Good luck, Spain.

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