Sunday, February 12, 2017

Melodifestivalen 2017 - Deltävling 2: I don't give a fuck

Photo: Magnus Sandberg/Aftonbladet
Time for the 2nd semifinal of MF 2017


1. A Million Years - Mariette
What a lovely performance, it was the best one of the night imo. She is so likeable and the whole act looked pretty neat. Good job, Mariette!

2. Himmel och hav - Roger Pontare
Im very surprised with his result, cause I thought this kind of entry was not app-friendly but Roger did a very solid performance and Im glad he made it to the top 5.

3. Up - Etzia
I like the edgy Etzia more than the mello Etzia. This was such a plain "uptempo" song, it lacked so much energy. 

4. Vart har du vart - Allyawan
Im sorry but I didnt like this.

5. Hearts Align - Dismissed
I was a bit confused with the 1st part of the performance but I just watched it again and I liked it. Its a daring staging and they performed it very well.

6. I Don't Give A - Lisa Ajax
She is a good singer but I dont give a fuck about this entry, (Her song from last year was better)

7. Good Lovin' - Benjamin Ingrosso
Benjamin is so huggable! I wanted to get a winner alert vibe from this entry but all I got was a "ow he is not here to win" feeling. Still I think song is okay and its going to be fun to see him perform it again in the final. 

Shoutout to David "Dad bod" Lindgren who was probably the highlight of this semifinal:

7. Allyawan
6. Etzia
5. Roger Pontare

Lisa Ajax

Benjamin Ingrosso

Photos: JIMMY WIXTROM/Aftonbladet

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