Sunday, February 19, 2017

Melodifestivalen 2017 - Deltävling 3: There is a boogieman out on the loose

Photo: Magnus Sandberg/Aftonbladet
What time is it? It's Mello time!


1. I Can’t Go On - Robin Bengtsson
This was a pretty good perfomance, I loved the idea of it and it looked fucking hot on screen but I still think Robin lacks of something on stage, (I mean just look at his dancers, their energy is so contagious, and they look like they're enjoying those minutes on stage while Robin looks kinda awkward and stiff in some parts of the performance)

2. Snurra min jord - Krista Siegfrids
Krista is one of the most loveliest artist ever and it breaks my heart to see her sad about her result. But sadly I agree with them, Im not a big fan of this song and even if she gave her all on stage, it wasnt enough for me to like it.

3. Kiss You Goodbye - Anton Hagman
This was probably my favorite song from this week and I liked the performance but I would like Anton to show more personality on stage next time.

4. Gravity - Jasmine Kara
Jasmine is such a fantastic performer! SHE KILLED IT! I want her to come back with a good song (gravity was too 2012/Sia wannabe IMO) cause she is FIRE and she deserves a second chance!

5. Boogieman Blues - Owe Thörnqvist
What a joyful performance, it made me smile and dance. 87 years old and this man still got his boogie! YES! C'MON OWE! I think he deserves a standing ovation!

6. Crucified - Bella & Filippa
They are adorable and their performance was lovely, cant wait to hear more music from them!

7. Gotta Thing About You - FO&O 
I gotta say that this whole act was pretty nice, I liked their energy on stage, their vocal performance wasnt bad (Omars vocals were great), and even if the song is not a winner, it's catchy as hell. Good job guys!

7.Krista Siegfrids
6.Jasmine Kara
5.Bella & Filippa

Anton Hagman

Robin Bengtsson
Owe Thörnqvist
Photos: Sven Lindwall/Expressen

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