Saturday, February 4, 2017

Melodifestivalen 2017 - Deltävling 1: Baby I'm a wild child!

Photo: Magnus Sandberg/Aftonbladet


1. Her Kiss - Boris René
I like Boris a lot and Im glad to see him back in mello but Im not feeling this song,"Put your love on me" was so much better.

2. Amare - Adrijana
I really like this song but sadly it didnt work on stage. Still I cant wait to hear more music from Adrijana.

3. One More Night - Dinah Nah
Fun song but I didnt like the performance, I liked the 2015 Dinah better.

4. Road Trip - De Vet Du
1 word = MESS! (Oh I'll say something nice: they are pretty hot)

5. Mitt liv - Charlotte Perrelli
Charlotte is a great performer (We all know that), Im glad she tried out something different, and to be honest I didnt dislike it. Good luck with your new album, Miss Perrelli.

6. Wild Child - Ace Wilder
ACE IS A SUPERSTAR! She has such a fantastic stage presence, and the camera fucking loves her. I'll be honest I wasnt feeling the 1min preview we got on thursday but damn she sold the hell out of this song on stage tonight and now Im Team Ace!. Also I think this was her best vocal performance in Mello. (PD: I like the song more than "Dont worry" but "Busy doin' nothin'" is still her best mf entry)

7. Hold On - Nano 
This is such an emotional song, and the performance was good but I want more. I want him to be more confident on stage for the final and I want him to open his heart and leave all the nervousness behind. Good luck Nano!

7.Charlotte Perrelli
5.Dinah Nah

Boris René
De Vet Du

Ace Wilder
Photos: JIMMY WIXTROM/Aftonbladet

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