Sunday, February 12, 2017


Photo: Luigi Narici / AGF
And the winner of Sanremo 2017 is... Occidentali's Karma by Francesco Gabbani!
ALÉ! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YEEEEESSSS! GRAZIE ITALIA! I cannot believe he won! I'll start saying that I really enjoyed this years Sanremo, and I had a couple of favorites in the line up but no one came close to Gabbani!. I fell in love with this entry by the end of its first chorus and when the song ended I thought "OMG THIS GUY IS A GENIUS!, I NEED HIM IN EUROVISION" and then I noticed that I wasnt the only one feeling that way. He is unbelievably charming and talented, you cant take your eyes away from the screen when he is performing, he has such a contagious energy that it makes you go crazy and dance like a naked gorilla, and the song is just phenomenal; you should check out the lyrics cause they are amazing (So clever and smart).
I know there will be some people who will call this a joke entry so I'll quote @ESCinsight : "You don't win #sanremo2017 with a joke entry. It's a FUN entry!". Im Team Gabbani all the way and I cant wait to see everyone doing the choreo in may. GO ITALY!

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