Sunday, March 9, 2014

Melodi Grand Prix 2014: Semifinal 3

Welcome to the MGP 2014/ Semifinal 3 post! Here are the videos:

1.Moi - Bensin
This song is good! I didnt love the staging but i think Moi did a nice job and she deserved to qualify!

2.El Cuero - Ain’t No Love In This City No More
Im not a fan of this entry but they did a solid performance!

3.Ilebek - Who Needs the Universe?
I liked it! Nice song!

4.Elisabeth Carew - Sole Survivor
Weak performance, im sorry but i dont like this entry! 

5.Carl Espen - Silent Storm
This song is so beautiful! It really means a lot to me and i love Carl! I was so nervous for him but i think he did a very nice performance! Im sure it will be better in the final cause he is working a lot on it! Go Carl!

3.Elisabeth Carrew
2.El Cuero
1.Carl Espen

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