Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Eurosong 2014: The finalists

The Eurosong 2014 final is on sunday and here are the 6 finalists:

Eva Jacobs - Nothing is impossible
Nice performance! She is a very likeable singer and she made me like the song that is not a bad song but maybe too "sweet".

Udo - Hero (In Flanders Field)
This is so over the top that it looks like a joke! He is a good singer but... NO! just NO!

Sil - Whats the time in Tokyo?
Very nice song but i think the performance could be better!

Yass - Need you tonight
This song is good and i like Yass but he should improve his vocal performance! 

Axel - Mother
Axel is a really good artist! his performance was very strong but im sorry i dislike the song :/ i think its kinda lame :S! I dont want to be rude but i really think he deserved a better song! 

Bandits - One
I like them and their song is not bad!

Overall i think this whole selection failed cause none of the songs are interesting and it sucks to have very good artists there with very week songs so if there is another Eurosong next year please let the artists bring their songs with them! 

I think Axel is going to win because he sells the song very well but i think he is not the right choice! Sil, Yass and Bandits are my favorites! Good luck to everyone! 

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