Friday, March 7, 2014

Melodi Grand Prix 2014: Semifinal 1

Welcome to the MGP 2014! Here are the videos from the 1st semifinal:

1.Hilda & Thea Leora - Best Friend's Boyfriend
I like this song but i think the performance wasnt good! There were some bad moments in their vocal performance and the whole stage act wasnt interesting.

2.Mo - Heal
This is a kinda nice song (maybe too plain imo), Mo is a good performer and i think he did a very nice job on stage but i dont like this!

3.Dina Misund - Needs
Dina has such a beautiful voice and i love this song! 

4.Linnea Dale - High Hopes
I like her and this is one of the best songs in the competition (Not a winner tho) but i really dislike the dancers! It seems like the didnt find an idea for the performance and they just put 2 couples dancing a random choreography (MESS).

5.TIMBRE & Frikk Heide-Steen feat. Ida Stein - Frozen By Your Love
Another bad stage performance! This song is nice and I think Frikk did a good job but Idas part was bad.

3.Dina Misund
2.Linnea Dale

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