Sunday, December 29, 2013

UMK 2014: The Songs - Part 2

Last week we got the performances from 6 UMK14 acts and now  here are the last 6 acts performing the demo versions of their songs in front of the juries:

Mikko Pohjola - Sängyn reunalla
Love this song! What a beautiful melody! The whole performance was very solid and what else can i say? its a lovely entry! This is one of my favorites without a doubt! Go Mikko!

Hukka ja Mama - Selja

This is a very harmless song, i was expenting something different but i really liked it! It is a nice song and they did a good performance.

Dennis Fagerström - My Little Honey Bee

I wanna be his little honey bee! jaja! Nice song, very radio friendly and he is a good singer so i like this a lot and i can see it doing very well in the competition.

Softengine - Something Better

WOW! Love love love this song! They are so good on stage and the song is fantastic! I wish them all the best! Definitely one of my top favorites! Go Softengine!

Lili Lambert - Let Me Take You There

Emm... This is not bad but i think its just a filler track on an album and not a single! It might grow on me later but right now its the song i like the least.

MIAU - God/Drug

I really like their energy on stage! They are very talented and their performance was strong, the song is kinda interesting but i dont love it! I think they are better than the song!

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