Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ukraine 2014: And the winner is...Maria Yaremchuk

The Ukrainian national final was today and the winner was none of the "favorites" but a tick tock girl!. I have to say that i didnt have a big favorite on the selection but there were a couple of nice songs in the competition, at the end of the show the juries and the audience gave their top points to Maria Yaremchuk and she won, here is her song:

I dont love the song cause its a bad mess but i think the performance was kinda nice, she has a strong presence on stage and that was what make me like her a bit, still i really dont think this was one of the best acts on the selection so im not happy with the result but who knows whats going to happen next, maybe the song will get a huge revamp or maybe she is going to sing another song at Eurovision, who knows? only time will tell.
I wonder if we are getting a Ukrainian scandal for next year! I have to say that im ready for it! Bring us the ESCandal!

Good luck Ukraine!

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