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Hanna Sky: A fresh, new and passionate singer-songwriter!

Hello everyone! Im here to post a new UMK interview and i have to say that is one of my fav interviews ever! She is not only a really good singer but she is also a talented songwriter! Get ready to know a bit more of this lovely girl. Here are the answers of  HANNA SKY!:

Name: Hanna Seppälä aka Hanna Sky
Birthday: 12.5.1987
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Height: 163 cm
Favorite Color: white
Favourite food: sushi
Eye color: blue
Where are you right now? At my home studio
3 things that makes you happy: music, friends, nature
What’s your strangest talent? Twisting my tongue upside down 
Do you have any nicknames? Lots of nicknames! They are so embarrassing that I don’t dare to tell them 
Home alone and you are bored. What do you do? I’m never bored when I’m home alone, cause I’ve got my piano and my sequencer software. So I write songs.
What is the strangest thing you have in your room? Electric upright bass that I can’t play
What are you really good at? Telling stories with my songs
What are you really bad at? Telling jokes.
Childhood idol: Madonna
Childhood memory: I spent many lovely summer days in our home forest playing and building cute little huts and hovels with my sisters.
Tell me something no one knows about you: I hate eating alone. I always cook better food when I have someone to cook for.
What would you do if you were invisible? Rob a candy store of course! No question about it!
Favorite movie: I hate this question, this is almost impossible for me to answer, ’cause I love many movies, but I lately watched the movie King’s speech. It was really good!
Favorite TV series: I don’t really watch TV series so much, but I have seen a few episodes of Scandal. Olivia Pope is a great character! I also love documentary series, such as BBC:s nature and science programs. 
Tell me a super power you wish you had: Teleportation
What is your guilty pleasure? This is so boring, but: chocolate
Name a song that never fails to make you happy: Pink by Aerosmith 
Tell me some of your bad habits: 1.Not EVER sleeping enough, I always stay up too late! 2. I love sweets 3. I don’t have a regular sleep rhythm and I often press the snooze button in the morning..that naturally never helps, it makes me feel even more tired.
When did you start singing & writing? At the age of 4 I sang whatever popped into my head but I started to write them down when I was on 7th grade. I mainly wrote songs in finnish, later I started to do my solo music in english.
Can you teach me some interesting words in finnish?
Hope = toivo
Music = musiikki
Polar night = kaamos
Midsummer = juhannus
The northern lights = revontulet
Hi! = Moi!
One beer, please! = Yksi olut, kiitos! 
If you were the journalist what would you ask to Hanna Sky? and tell me your answer.
If you had a chance to write a song with a famous musician, who would it be?
Alicia Keys
Hello Hanna, how are you?
Hi! I’m doing really good! I had a wonderful relaxing Christmas time and now I am working on my songs and of course rehearsing for UMK!

How would you describe yourself as an artist? 
Fresh, new and passionate singer-songwriter! I want to tell stories and compose rich melodies. I want to combine something new and something old.
You are one of the finalists on UMK 2014, how did it all begin?
I had just finnished my demoversion of my new song (Hope) and I liked it soooo much! Then I noticed that a song contest UMK 2014 was on. I decided to try and send them my demo. And I’m really glad I did! 

"Hope" is the title of your song. Whats the story behind it? what made you write it?
Hope is a song, that I wrote, cause I wanted to tell both sides of the meaning of hope: that is something we need to have to go forward in our lives. It is something that keeps our dreams alive (”all we need is hope”). On the other hand, sometimes there are times, when hope is the only thing we really have (”all we know is hope”). So Hope is not a song just about world peace and sunshine. It might sound like it at first, but I really wanted to show, that sometimes it really is the only thing we have. The thought and feeling of hope is our survival package.
Describe your song with 4 words:
Beautiful, strong, true, honest.

We've heard the demo version of the song, what can we expect from the final version?
The final version is a bit faster, it grows more and the high note in the end will be twice as long as in the demo version. 
How did you feel in the 1st performance in front of the juries?
Oh it was so exciting and we were quite happy about the feedback we got from the jury. We will work on the coreography and stage performance alot before the next live performance  I was not so about my singing, cause I was quite nerveous, but now I have had time to sing the song and I’m more sure about it now!
What can we expect to see on stage for the next performance?
There’s gonna be me with four backing vocalists and a great dancer Ima Iduozee!

Did you watch Eurovision 2013? Any favorite? 
Yes I did, I loved Armenias song Lonely planet and I think Finland did great with Krista Siegfrids’ Marry me!
What do you like about Eurovision?
It’s wonderful to hear every year, what kind of music people make around Europe. It’s also a great channel for a new artist to start an international cureer.

What do you dislike about Eurovision?
Sometimes the songs sound like they are specially made for Eurovision. In a way it is artificial. On the other hand, it is of course a special concept.
Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word:
Music: piano
Clones: bad tomatoes
Finland: home
2013: yesterday
Forest: strength
Ding dong: Krista Siegfrids
Rain: Softer rain, my new song
Diamond: girls best friend
UMK Juries: excitement

What are your plans for 2014? 
Doing music and gigs!
Is there anything you want to say to close the interview?
Thank you so much for the interwiev! HOPE to see you in Copenhagen! 
I’m soon going to release my new single Softer rain, so stay tuned! 

Thanks to Hanna for being so nice and for this brilliant interview! I loved it! Good luck on the live shows! Lets hope for the best!

Here is her official facebook page:

Here are the lyrics of her UMK song "Hope":
Life is a delicate balance.
We have our good times
and bad times. 
That’s how he sees it.
Yes, for the sake of our love
We must fight.
Again another sunrise
above closed eyes
And he’s there for her
Proving his love for her
He would never give up on his girl.
See all we need
And all we know
is hope
Yes all we need
And all we know
is hope
ALL – around the world,
WE – you and me,
NEED – all we need
ALL – around the world,
WE – you and me,
NEED – all we need

Somewhere in the night,
Prayers rise up to the sky.
It’s such a peaceful scene now,
the still air and the city lights.
Today there were roadblocks
and warnings of airstrikes.
Oh how did we come to this?
Could anybody grant a wish
to shake the whole world awake
and to give our hearts a break?

See all we need
And all we know
is hope
Yes all we need
And all we know
is hope
ALL – around the world,
WE – you and me,
NEED – (all we need is hope)
Yes all we need is hope.
ALL – around the world,
WE – you and me,
NEED – all we need
Yeah, yeah
ALL – around the world,
WE – you and me,
NEED – (all we need is hope)
All we need is hope
(yes all we need and all we know, all we need is hope)
Said, all we need and all we know, oh,
all we need is hope. 

Once again Thanks to Hanna! Cant wait for the final version of the song! 

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