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Ammotrack: A Hard Rock band from Skövde

Photo:  Linn Carlsson / Barfotaliv
Hello everyone! Its December and its time for the 1st Melodifestivalen 2014 interview. They are going to participate in the semifinal 4 on February 22 and they are ready to bring hard rock to Örnsköldsvik! Here are the answers of AMMOTRACK:

Name:  Mikael De Bruin
Age:  32
Zodiac sign:  Aries
Height:  174 cm
What do you do on the band:  I'm singing
Favorite Color:  Red
Favourite food:  Pasta
Shoe Size:  9
Eye color:  Brown
Where are you right now? :  Where i belong, in the rehearsal spot .
3 things that makes you happy:  My Family, my band and my life
What’s your strangest talent? :  Actually, I havent found out yet.
Do you have any nicknames? :  Micke
Home alone and you are bored. What do you do?  Write music and play guitar.
What is the strangest thing you have in your room?  I got way to much dust under my bed.
What are you really good at?  Singing, I guess haha.
What are you really bad at? I 'm bad at losing.
Childhood idol:  James Hetfield.
Tell me something no one knows about you:  I rather keep for myself, if you don't mind :)
What would you do if you were invisible?  Walk up on the stage, while a  band are  playing and tune their guitars out of tune.
Favorite movie:  Any movie with Will Farell
Tell me a super power you wish you had:  Be able to fly!
What's your favorite part of your body?  My whole body as it is!
Tell me one of your insecurities:  Sometimes I'm not sure about whether i should have beard or not.
What is your guilty pleasure?  My tobacco habits
Name a song that never fails to make you happy:  Walk this Way - Aerosmith
Can you teach me some interesting words in swedish?  "Lagom" is a good one,   it means when something is neither good nor bad and a word swedes tend to use very often
Tell me some of your bad habits:  I put tobacco under my lip, which is expensive and bad for my health.
When did you start singing?  When I started my first band at the age of sixteen.
If you were the journalist what would you ask to Ammotrack? and tell me your answer:

--  Where have you guys been all these time? I really like your music and I just noticed that you've been a band since 2004 !
--  It's a long way if you wanna do Eurovision :)

What can you tell me about the band? when did you start playing together? 
 -- We're a hard rock band from a town called Skövde in Sweden and started playing 2004. 

Tell me about the name of the band
-- From the beginning it was the name I (Micke) came up with after many thoughts. Everybody thought it sounded cool, so we took it!

The band is one of 32 finalists of the Melodifestivalen 2014. How did it all begin?
-- It began with an idea our old producer and songwriter Thomas Plec Johansson had some time ago. He instantly felt that the song really would fit Ammotrack. He called Micke and the rest is just a beutiful story where creativity has been at its best. 
"Raise your hands" is the title of your song. What can you tell me about it?
-- It's a catchy song you don't wanna miss!

Describe the song with 4 words
-- You can do it!

Photo:  Linn Carlsson / Barfotaliv

What can we expect to see on stage?
-- Energy from the bottom of our hearts!

What do you think about the artists on Semifinal 4?
--  It's a great mix of swedish groups and we respect them all very much! Everyone seem nice and cool people so we're really looking forward to get to know them all.

Photo:  Linn Carlsson / Barfotaliv

What are the plans for the band in 2014?
-- A good performance in eurovision, gigs and hopefully some new music!

Is there anything you guys want to say to close the interview?
-- Be ready for the year of Ammotrack!

Thanks to the band! Good luck on your Melodifestivalen journey!

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