Sunday, December 22, 2013

UMK 2014: The Songs - Part 1

The UMK 2014 has started and on this post we are going know the first 6 acts in the competition, they all performed the demo version of their songs in front of the juries. Here they are:

MadCraft - Shining Bright

This is very nice track, the chorus and the oh oh ohs are very catchy, their energy on stage is great and the vocal performance could've been better but it was ok. I think this act is going to be great when they have to perform to an audience cause thats what they like to do and im sure they will do a great job on the live shows!

Clarissa feat. Josh - Top of The World

To be honest i wasnt a fan of this song when we got the 30secs cause i was expecting a cheap MF reject but now i really like it, i think this song is good, i prefer the verses over the chorus but i think the whole act is strong, they have a nice stage presence and they only need to work on their vocals when they are singing together cause they sound ok on their solo parts. The choreo was a bit weird but a kinda nice weird, cant wait to see what are they going to do in the next performance.

Lauri Mikkola - Going Down

This song is so GOOD! I love it! What a strong performance! There is nothing else to say, he is a great singer and i can see him doing very well in Eurovision. Well done Lauri!

Jasmin Michaela - Kertakäyttösydän

This is so fun, i dont know what is the song about but i love how it sounds, im not sure about her chances on the competition but i like this!

Hanna Sky - Hope

This one is good and i like it but im not a fan of it yet, i cant wait to listen to the final version. Hanna has a lovely stage presence and her vocals were really good!

MAKEA - Painovoima

WOW! I LOVE THIS SONG! I fell in love with it when i heard the 1st second of the song! I just cant stop listening to it! Beautiful melody, great vocal performance on stage and that pop urban music style is very interesting and it sounds amazing. So yeah, this entry is fantastic and their performance was mesmerizing! Good job MAKEA!

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