Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2012: Webjoker Semifinal 1 - Results

The 1st Semifinal of the Webjoker competition was yesterday, the songs I mina drömmar and All day all night are now in the final. As you all can imagine im very happy for I mina drömmar and im hoping that the song was the televote winner cause i really want to see it in the Melodifestivalen but i think the other all day all night crappy song was the one who won cause i cant see SVT choosing that song over other nice songs, i think this kind of competition its not fair in some ways cause they arent lots of people who vote or who knows this so the ones who vote i think are 80% family, friends and fans who doesnt vote for the song and of course there is the other 20% that listen all the songs and vote for their favorite, we will see whats going to happen, i cant stop listening to I mina drömmar and i wish all the best in the final to the I mina drömmar team!

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