Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2012 - Webjoker Semifinal 1

Oh yeah, the Melodifestivalen 2012 started with the Webjoker selection, since 2010 Svt gives the opoturnity to participate in the MF to non famous artist and composers. This year the Webjoker selection will be like a mini melodifestivalen, from 570 songs STV selected only 32, this songs will be separeted in Semifinals of 8 songs each one so we will have 4 semifinals like in the big Mello, the audience will have 1 hour to vote for their favorite song and only 1 song will go to the webjoker final then SVT will choose another song and we will have 8 songs in the Final. This year only 1 song will have the chance to partipate in the Melodifestivalen 2012.

Its time to give my opinion about the songs:

1. Set Me Free
Artist: Trison
Upphovsmän: Tony Andersson, Martin Johansson, Trison, Skåne
I think the melody of this song its nice but to me the whole songs sounds like a 1st demo, where all you got in mind its a good melody but still dont found the right lyrics for it and you just put something pretty simple and bad. All this song needs its good lyrics and of course a good singer, but in general i think i like the beat of this song.

2. Wish You Luck
Artist: Billie Dee
Upphovsmän: Christian Lumbana, Stockholm
When i saw the picture of this girl i though "this is going to be a good one" and my intuition was right, i really like it, it has something catchy but not like a simple catchy song but in a charming way, i dont know if you guys can understand what i mean, this song with a better arrangement can be great, still i cant see it getting in the top 4 in the Melodifestivalen.

3. How About You?
Artist: Keylas
Upphovsmän: Oscar Lindstein, Stockholm
I dont know what to say about this one, it wasnt bad but it wasnt the best so its like meh, i didnt love it or hate it but right now i cant even remember it. I think this song needs a stronger beat and a better last part, also a good singer cause this was like an autotune fest.

4. Your Majesty
Artist: The Commoneers
Upphovsmän: Mark Anthony Woznicki, Sundsvall
This one was boring as hell, i didnt like it.

5. Catch Me
Artist: Maria Klemetrud
Upphovsmän: Ditte Lindbom, Maria Klemetrud, Stockholm
This one its kinda nice but too cheap and for 2004, 2006, idk i think its not good enough, if you are going to make this kinda song it has to be great cause if it has something bad its going to sound cheap and trashy.

6. I mina drömmar
Artist: Maria BenHajji
Upphovsmän: Nanna Bing, Thomas Cars, Uppsala
When i saw the title of the songs before listening, this one was the 1st one i wanted to listen cause if there is something i love its swedish songs. When i listened her voice and the first words i just fell in love with it, i cant describe all the things i felt but those 3minutes were amazing, i wasnt expecting a great song in the webjoker competition but i can imagine this song on the big stage getting in the top 4. A round of applause to the composers and to the fantastic singer. This one deserves to be in the final!

7. Seven Years
Artist: Flying Kite
Upphovsmän: Moa Rönnåsen, Robin William-Olsson, Stockholm/Hallsberg
Well as you can imagine when i listened this one all i was thinking of was I mina drömmar but i think this song its nice but not a contender to win, i cant imagine it on the Melodifestivalen.

8. All Day All Night
Artist: Grand Slam
Upphovsmän: Andy Swaniz, Peter Andersson
And some glam to finish, imo bad melody, bad lyrics, not good vocals, its just a mess. If we compare this with In your dreams (ESC Norway 2005) or Pamela (Stala & So - Euroviisut 2011) all i can say its this is garbage.

So my ranking for the Semifinal 1 of the Webjoker 2012 is this one:
8.Your Magesty
7.All Day All Night
6.Catch Me
5.How About You?
4. Seven Years
3.Set Me Free
2.Wish You Luck
1.I Mina Drömmar

On monday the Swedish audience will have 1 hour to vote for their favorite, to see the rules and the numbers enter here.

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