Thursday, October 27, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2012: Webjoker Semifinal 4

The last 8 songs from the webjoker competition are here on the 4th semifinal and its time to make my comments about them:

Remember to visit to listen the songs or just click in the title of each one.

1.Need To Know
Artist: Bowties
Låtskrivare: Erik Andergren och Erik Källner, Växjö
The look of the guys is great and i like how this sounds, it has a great production and maybe thats one of the reasons i like this song. Its a nice entry and i can imagine this song on the MF but not getting in the final, hehe we will see whats going to happen, but thumbs up for this song and the Bowties.

2.Kärleken ler
Artist: Ricky och Ronny
Låtskrivare: Ronny Andersson, Gävle
When i read in the description hip hop i was a bit scared but i have to say that i kinda like it, i was waiting for something really bad but this sounds nice, i would definitely change the singers cause this song with a good female singer can be so much better but the song right now sounds cool so maybe this can get into the final.

3.Forever By Your Side
Artist: Trison
Låtskrivare: Tony Andersson och Martin Johansson (Trison), Skåne
Hello to Trison again! their first entry in the semifinal 1 was disqualified and here we have their 2nd entry. I liked more their 1st one, this song is not bad but i dont like it, and i guess thats all i can say.

4.Not Over You
Artist: Felicia Vårnäs
Låtskrivare: Ditte Lindbom, Stockholm
Now its time for the song of the 12 years old little girl, with this one we know they will change the singer cause she is too young for MF and ESC, a rock pop entry for the little girl and i wasnt expecting this. I really like it and i want this to get into the webjoker final. Good job to the composer and i cant wait to see this girl in a couple of years. I think the song is very strong with a pretty catchy chorus and she did a great job cause the vocals were very good. Vote for Not over you on Monday!

5.Letting Go
Artist: Jennifer
Låtskrivare: Sofia Yxklinten, Lund
This song has something interesting but it doesnt sound good, im so sure that this song with a nice production could be one of the favorites but now i just cant see this going to the final.

Artist: Patrick Egemo
Låtskrivare: Alexander Östman och Fredrik Langå, Stockholm
I dont know what to say about this one, it doesnt have anything interesting. Now that im listening again i can say that its has a good chorus and i kinda like it now hehe, i think its good enough to get in the webjoker final, so i wish good luck to the Higher team.

7.Box of Love
Artist: Vilda
Låtskrivare: Anton Fahlgren, Örnsköldsvik
Its Vilda again, last semifinal she had the songbird and ended in the 7th place. Now i feel this song its boring and i dont like the lyrics, i dont want this kinda songs in the MF so i all i can say its: see you next year Vilda!

8. Believe
Artist: Carolina Jakobsson
Låtskrivare: Carl Hansson och Emil Valtersson, Stockholm
And here we have the last song from the webjoker competition, the bad thing about this song is her horrible vocal performance cause i really think this song is nice, so bad we didnt listen it with the vocals of a fantastic singer, it would have been one of the finalist but i guess it still have a chance, cause the semifinal its on monday so if you are Swedish dont forget to vote for your favorite.

Now my ranking of the semifinal 4:
8.Box of love
7.Letting go
6.Forever by your side
4.Kärleken ler
2.Need to know
1.Not over you

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