Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2012: Webjoker Semifinal 2

The voting of the Semifinal 1 ended and the songs from the 2nd Semifinal were released and here are my opinions:

(Click in the title to listen the songs)

1.For the Win
Artist: Keylas
Låtskrivare: Oscar Lindstein, Stockholm
We start with another song by the Keylas autotune girls, if they finished last with the other song i cant see this going through, this cheap electro pop song with autotune its not for the melodifestivalen but i can see it in a Malta national final, obviously getting a bad position but thats all i can say, i liked more the song from the 1st semifinal, this is just not good.

2.What If
Artist: Nordic Shine
Låtskrivare: Stefan Lebrot, Stockholm
This one its pretty interesting, it has something, i think its the strong chorus. Its not a "omg what a song, i love it" but its a nice entry and after the autotune fest, its good to listen something good.

3.I'm Yours
Artist: Elin Jakobsson
Låtskrivare: Jozsef Nemeth, Örebro
A cute jazzy song that its not bad but can be too boring for a Melodifestivalen stage, i like it but i just to listen when i need to relax. This in the MF is a not finalist, so if we are going to get a song from this webjoker competition we should be thinking which song can get a high result. Imo this one is nice but not enough.

4.Beautiful Love
Artist: David Nestander
Låtskrivare: Erik Kohl, Umeå
I found this one very interesting, i really like it, i think it need a great singer, i would love to listen it with female vocals but i really think this one can be good, i dont know if it is for the mello but at least it can be for a webjoker final.

5.Kitchen Floor
Artist: Kajsa Ingemansson
Låtskrivare: Niclas Malmberg, Uppsala
I was really excited for this song when i read the title but WTF is this, im feeling sorry cause i called the Keylas autotune fest but at least they didnt sound that bad like this crap, worst song till now, its just horrible.

6.Se mig som jag är (om du ser)
Artist: Sören Karlsson
Låtskrivare: Sören Karlsson, Ludvika
I was expecting something bad when i saw the picture but i understand that its a songwriter singing a demo so i said pheww, we can say its a dated song but i think with some good and modern arrangement it can sound great and with strong female vocals this can be very interesting so i have to say i like it.

7.A Heartbeat Away
Artist: Demosångare
Låtskrivare: Jonas Lundström, Stockholm
Finally something great, i cant understand why the singer didnt want to give her name, her vocals were very good maybe too screamy in the 2nd part but she is a good singer. I love the chorus and the melody, of course it needs to change some little things like the last part which  in my opinion its not good but i can see this one on the MF stage fighting to get in the top 5, the composer did a great job so i really wish all the best to this song.

8.Through the Fire
Artist: Greta
Låtskrivare: Margreta Sandkvist och Jim Wallenborg, Bollnäs
When i saw the title and the pic, i knew we were going to get the song we always get with lyrics like your touch, your eyes, your lips, the fire, lets dance and stuff like that, its not bad but its not good also i hope the composer its just singing the demo cause she didnt found anyone to sing it cause her vocals were very bad, but i think this song with better vocals can sound much better and maybe it can have a chance but i dont see it in the MF.

So after i listened all the songs from this Semifinal 2, i have to say that no one beated I mina drömmar but here is my ranking:

8.Kitchen floor
7.For the win
6.I'm yours
5.Se mig som jag är (om du ser)
4.Through the fire
3.What if
2.Beautiful love
1.A heartbeat away

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