Thursday, October 20, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2012: Webjoker Semifinal 3

The songs of the 3rd Semifinal of the Webjoker 2012 were released when the voting from the 2nd semifinal was closed, now lets see what do i think about them:

(Click on the title to listen the song)

1. Marilyn Monroe
Artist: Never Alone
Låtskrivare: Christofer Erixon och Joakim Björnberg
The song number one was the last one i listened cause when i started to listen the songs this one wasnt on the web, i dont know why, but then when i saw the picture of the boys from Never Alone i knew this was going to be good and once again my intuation was right, this song has a great sound, its pretty catchy and imo its the best of this semifinal, i really would like to see this guys on the Melodifestivalen, they got a good image, they can sing and this song its really good, so congratulations to the guys who also were the composers of the song, so a round of applause for them and i really hope to see this on the webjoker final, so if you are Swedish and you are reading this, you should vote on monday from 12 to 13 for this amazing song. Go Never Alone!

2.She Is Love
Artist: Fredrik Sjöstedt
Låtskrivare: Fredrik Sjöstedt, Karlstad
Well this was the 1st song i listened and it left me with the no bad not good feeling, i think thats all i can say, i dont even remember the song so that might be bad.

3.I Didn't Wanna Say Goodbye
Artist: Elin Jakobsson
Låtskrivare: Jozsef Nemeth, Örebro
Elin is back on this semifinal with another piano song, i think this one its a bit better that the other one but still i think its not good enough to get into a final and i definitely cant see it in a Melodifestivalen stage, its just an ok song, nothing wow.

4.Ingenting, ingen
Artist: Caroline Coquard
Låtskrivare: Caroline Coquard, Gävle
This semifinal its a bit weak, i think this song might be interesting but all i listened was the same sound in 3minutes and it was boring, it doesnt have something magical that made me wanna listen again, maybe i would like it more if i knew what is the song about but right now i dont think it should get into a final.

5.Dance It All Away
Artist: Olle Andersson
Låtskrivare: Olle Andersson och Stefan Amberg, Norrtälje
Well after 3 boring songs this came and even if it doesnt have a great production i think this has potential and i like it, this right now sounds like a demo but imagine this with a singer and better production, i think i can see it in the melodifestivalen, i dont know, we will see, but i can say that this was nice.

Artist: Vilda
Låtskrivare: Oliver Lundström, Johan Åberg och Robin Öman, Stockholm
I think this song has something, i dont know what but there is something i like and there are a couple of things i didnt like but its a nice entry, its fun, fresh, weird and i kinda like it.

7.On the Top of the Mountain
Artist: Madeleine Ericson
Låtskrivare: Madeleine Ericson, Göteborg
What can i say about this?, WTF is this? sorry but i think its horrible, the instrumental part in the chorus seems to be out of rhythm, i dont like this at all. The 2nd worse song in the webjoker till now, of course the 1st place its for kitchen floor but this one was very close to the 1st place. It was kinda a painful moment to my ears.

8.Jag kommer ut
Artist: San Francisco
Låtskrivare: Stefan Krakowski, Stockholm
Then after those weird sounds with bad vocals we had on the song number 7, this song came up and it made happy, as everybody is saying the chorus sounds like the E det fel pa mej? chorus but you know what? i dont care, i love this, the last part its great and the key change its fabulous, this got a fantastic energy so sweden vote for this one too!

So here its the raking of the Semifinal 3:
8.On top of the mountain
7.She is love
6.I didnt wanna say goodbye
5.Ingenting, Igen
3.Dance it all away
2.Jag kommer ut
1.Marilyn Monroe

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