Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2011 - Andra Chansen: Oh my God, Oh my God I love The Moniker

The Andra Chansen of this year was one of the strongest, a lot of good songs and some of them really deserved to be on the final, there were problems with the voting numbers and that made me have some doutbs about the results but it doesnt matter cause we have our 2 finalist and the big final on Saturday.

My favorites were Jenny Silver, Loreen, The Moniker/Linda Pritchard, Pernilla Andersson.

The show was good but i didnt love it, the best show still being the 2nd semifinal.

All my love and a huge round of applause to my girls JENNY SILVER & LOREEN!

Jenny is on my top 3 of favorites this year, she is lovely and did an amazing job, i found a bit strange that the camera work failed on her performance, i know it can happen but i really think that it was weird, i dont know but i believe that she was the winner on that round, her performance was much better than the Love generation performance and their vocals were worse than in the semifinal, so that mess with the camera was to fucked up Jennys chances? still it didnt affected cause she gave her heart on stage and it was a nice performance and honestly she deserved the final on the 1st semifinal over that Swingfly, BRAVO to Jenny, Rickard, dancers, songwriters and all her team. Also a big Thanks to all the people who voted for this Schlager queen!

Loreen a huge surprise for me, AMAZING singer with a great look and with one of the best songs in this year MF, imo this was perfect for eurovision, its sad that its not in the final but im sure this song is going to be a hit. Bravo Loreen and all her team for making this amazing performance that unfortunately we are not going to see on esc but i really enjoyed on MF.

A good thing of the Melodifestivalen is that you get to know some artists that you didnt know so i have to say that im a new fan of Pernilla Andersson she is so real and lovely, you cant get tired of her music, i just LOVE her and i was so happy to see her reaction when she won the duel. Bravo Pernilla and thanks for you wonderful music.

Shirley's angels were cool and i hope to see Linda Pritchard again on MF someday.

Now lets talk about the finalists:

Sara Varga: She has improved a lot, so im happy for that, her song its very nice with meaningful lyrics im not sure if its the best one from the line up for eurovision but its not the worse, it will depend on the performance, good luck to her.

The Moniker: As i said before he was a wonderful surprise for me and im extremely happy for him, his performance its Fabulous and  i LOVE his song, i have my hopes on him for saturday and i think he has the right song for this years eurovision.

This is the running order for the final:

1.In the club - Danny
2.Spring för livet - Sara Varga
3.Oh my God! - The Moniker
4.7 days & 7 nights - Brolle
5.E det fel på mej? - Linda Bengtzing
6.Leaving home - Nicke Borg
7.Me and my drum - Swingfly
8.I'm in love - Sanna Nielsen
9.The king - The Playtones
10.Popular - Eric Saade

All my hopes are on The Moniker, Linda Bengtzing, Eric Saade, Brolle, Sanna and Danny! If the winner is one of them it will be great.

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