Sunday, March 20, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2011 - The Final

It was last week, all the excitement and sadness at the same time, it was a great Melodifestivalen, but there were things that make me thing that the format needs some changes but lets start comment THE FINAL:

The opening was just ok like the hosts but it wasnt the worst show cause they did the best and they knew how to work on the mf. The postcards this year were THE BEST:


Now its time for My Melodifestivalen 2011, the results i wanted:

10.Swingfly - Me and my drum

I never liked this song, i have to admit that the chorus its kinda good but the rap its horrible, so i dont have any comment about this performance, this is the last place.

9.The Playtones - The king

Other song that i dislike but i dont hate, i kinda like the chorus but rockabilly style its not the kind of music i like and this wasnt for esc at all, they looked too old.

8.Sara Varga - Spring för livet

I like this song but i think Sara looked very nervous and her vocals were kinda shaky, still she gave her best but for this song with those strong lyrics i wanted more.

7.Nicke Borg - Leaving home

I thing this is a very good song and i was scared cause you never know how the swedish are going to vote, and to me it was like Bergendahl, this wasnt for esc at all, i have no idea who told him that he looked good but really those clothes didnt matched with the song but well i liked the song and he is a good artist.

6.Brolle - 7 days and 7 nights

I love him, he is such an AMAZING artist, his stage presence its fantastic, his vocals are good and i thing he did a great job in this mf, i thing the song wasnt good enough for eurovision but he is great and i say it again i love him!.

5.Sanna Nielsen - Im in love

What can i say about her? she is so sweet and talented, she definitely is much better than the song, she did a better performance in the final and she got three 12points from the international juries, honestly i didnt wanted this song on esc cause its not a good song but Sanna made the song fantastic and you should buy her new album.

4.Danny - In the club

He is fantastic, the song is good and the stage presence is great, maybe too repetitive but in general was good, im very happy for his 2nd place.

3.Eric Saade - Popular

3rd place for the winner, first of all im very happy for him cause i know he worked very hard to get the 1st place and i know he will word harder to get a good position in Eurovision. He was the winner with the international juries but some juries gave him 1 or 2 points and that made me have some doubts, im sure that we will see and hear something very different on the esc stage, live backing vocals, less dancers, dancers with microphones, no glass? what are they going to do in Düsseldorf? i have no idea and i dont know if it will work in right way to the europe audience. I wish him all the best in Germany and lets hope for a great show and a good result.

2.The Moniker - Oh My God!

Well as i said weeks ago, he was a wonderful surprise for me, his charisma is so strong and the song was the best of this year, i LOVED the performance and i think this was maybe too risky for esc but the perfect song for this year, im glad he wants to come back to the mf and i really hope to see him again with another fantastic song like this one,  this is kinda my winner cause this is the song i wanted to see on esc but right now it gets on my 2nd place but anyway Oh my god, oh my god its a wonderful surprise, im in love, im in love yeah im in love with the moniker and his Oh My God!.

1.Linda Bengtzing - E det fel på mej

Yes, LINDA BENGTZING IS MY MF 2011 WINNER, she gave me the best moments of the mf 2011, i felt her energy here and you cant imagine how happy her performance made me, i was clapping, jumping, singing, dancing, screaming, it was so fun and crazy and i LOVE IT, she is my schlagerqueen, i love all her songs and she is so amazing, there is not words to describe how much i love her, i was so sad when the televote results came, honestly i dont know what the f*ck the swedish people were thinking but the Linda`s performance was one of the best and she deserved a top 5 result, but whatever all my love to Linda!

The Melodifestivalen 2011 is over and all i can say its CONGRATULATIONS to all the 32 artists, the composers, the dancers, the producers, the directors and all the people who made this fabulous show. Thanks to Bengtzing for making my MF fantastic and for making me absolutely happy, good luck to Eric on Düsseldorf and lets wait for the MF 2012!

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