Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2011 - Deltävling 4: Varje gång jag ser dig exploderar det nånting inom mig

This last semifinal was very good, i was so nervous before the show cause as always i read all the press comments about the songs, the rehearsals, the odds and i dont know why but this week they were too good with some artists and bad with others, then the voting in the dress rehearsal was very weird and i was a bit worried as you all know my favorites for this semifinal were Bengtzing and Pritchard, their songs were amazing but lets comment all the songs right now:

Even if this semifinal was good, the best semifinal was the 2nd and the audience agrees with me cause it was the semifinal with more viewers this year, all the performances and songs from the 2nd semifinal were great but in this one there were some songs and performances that i didnt like at all:

Lasse Stefanz: There's no words to describe this, im sorry but it was horrible, their looks, the song, the voice of the singer, one of the worse performances this year.

Anders Fernette: Its kinda sad cause his 1st song was so good and this was just meh, and the performance was a mess, bad vocals in some parts, i didnt like it, he is very cute, maybe he should try again another year.

Melody Club: They were the winners on the dress rehearsal, but they get on the 7th place on the semifinal what happened? i have no idea, maybe the vocals of the lead singer werent good enough, the song is ok and the performance was very good, i like the chorus "Finally i become the hunter...".

Julia Alvgard: We all knew that she was chanceless in this semifinal but the surprise was that she didnt get the last place, 6th place is till now the best result of a webjoker, i like the song, she did a good performance, her vocals were very nice and she deserved that place. Good job girl!

Love Generation: High expectations for this song cause its a RedOne song, i think the press tried to make them favorites  cause all the comments about this act were very good, they said the show was one of the best MF performance ever, they should go directly to Eurovision, their vocals in the group part are good but in the solists part are kinda bad but we dont care cause its a redone song and it can win eurovision. What i think about this? i think the press made me hated it a bit but i really like the song, their vocals are ok, some parts are bad and the show to me its a bit (very) pretentious, i dont think this should win, im sure the song its going to be a hit, but i dont think it will work on esc, cause it will be the same show, the girls posing and the white carpet and all that stuff. I wonder if the people will follow the press comments on andra chansen cause im sure they will make them super favorites, for the press they are Gaga, Spears, Aguilera and Madonna on stage and im sorry but they are just another girlband with a not fantastic song by RedOne.

Nicke Borg: I really him, he did a very good performance and his song is a great song but WTF was he wearing? please take off your clothes, i know you will look better lol, i have a feeling that this will win, i hope no cause i think he can be another Anna Bergendahl, but lets wait and see.

Linda Pritchard: I loved her last year and i wanted her to come back with a better song and she is here with a beautiful ballad, her vocals were WOW PERFECT!, she looked beautiful and i think she needs to feel more the song, i want some real emotions and i dont like the part when she get down on her knees, but it was a fantastic performance, a big round of applause for her cause she was marvelous.

Well now its the turn for the best of the night, cause it was her night:
I was so nervous, cause i love Linda and i was waiting for this since they announced that she was going to take part this year, i was a bit scared cause almost all the press said that it wasnt good, that the lyrics were horrible, that the performance was bad, that she was going to be on the bottom 3 and all that stupid things that i believe they said cause they wanted LG to win, but when i listened the song i fell in love with it and im not those fans that love whatever the artist do cause i love Sanna Nielsen as much as Linda and if you see my review of the 2nd semifinal i didnt like her performance and her song wasnt the best of that semifinal, so im not loving Lindas song cause its her but cause it make me want to clap, dance, scream and it makes me very happy. I think her performance was good but it can be much better, i just love her energy and passion on stage, when the moment of the results came i was absolutely nervous, it maybe sound freak but i was shaking, only one place left and there were Linda and Melody club, omg i thought f**k, please say melodi nummer sex, when they announced i screamed so loud, it was like omg i almost died, and then the moment of the winner of the semifinal, i thought Love Generation were the winners but in my heart i was hoping to hear Linda Bengtzing and when that happened you cant imagine how happy i was, i screamed yeeeees, this was the best moment of my MF 2011 and also the best of saturday cause all the national finals were not good but i didnt care cause Linda Bengtzing made my day!! a big IN YOUR FACE to the Bengtzing haters and LOL to the one who said that Linda was going to be on the bottom 3. Thank you Linda Bengtzing!!! I LOVE UUU!

All the photos are from: http://blogg.aftonbladet.se/schlagerblogg

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