Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Moniker: "I enjoyed every second of it and will definitely participate again someday"

The Andra Chansen of the Melodifestivalen 2011 its going to be on saturday, 4 duels and only 2 songs will get into the final. The Moniker was a wonderful surprise to me cause i didnt know him but when i listened to his song and watched that fabulous performance i really liked it and he became in one of my favorites of this year, he will compete on the 3rd duel against Linda Pritchard and here is my interview with him:

Hello The Moniker, How are you? ready for Sundsvall?
Hello! I'm just fine, thank you for asking! I'm as ready I can be. I get to perform the song once more so I'm very excited.

Can you introduce yourself? tell me something about you, what do you like to do? what kind of music do you like?
I'm an old guy in a young mans body really. One of my favorite things to do is to sit in my rocking chair reading a book. Like to watch football. Irony and sarcasm is also typical for me.
You participated on the 2nd semifinal, how was Göteborg? did you liked the Melodifestivalen world?
Gothenburg was great as always.
It's not a world, it's a weird, crazy, funny circus. I enjoyed every second of it and will definitely participate again someday.

How did you feel in the performance and with the audience reation?

In the rehearsals there was a bed on your performance, what happened with the bed?
I was done resting:)

Your song is called Oh my God! and you are the composer what is the story of the song? why did you write it? are you in love? did you write it thinking about the Melodifestivalen?
The song is yellow. I wrote it 6 years ago – A down-period in my life. I was playing the piano at my mom’s house and complained loudly about only writing sad songs. Mom said from the kitchen: “So, write a happy song then!”And in 15 minutes it was done. Mom came to me and said: “Well, that wasn’t so hard, right? Come on, dinner is ready.” So I thank my mother for that piece of musical therapy…
I fall in love every day:)

Did you watch your performance? what do you think about it? did you like it? are you going to change some things for Andra Chansen?
Yes, I've watched it. I think it's a fantastic number. Everything went great and even the mushrooms were dancing :) No changes. If I reach the final, then maybe.

Some people say that the duels in AC are unfair, What do you think about the duels in Andra chansen?
Television rules. You have to play the game.

Also there is a new rule this year in the final, there will be just international juries and not swedish, what do you think about this?
Don't know, my friend. We have to wait and see.

Did you watch the other semifinals? what do you think about the songs and results?
My focus is on my song but I enjoyed Swingfly.
What are you going to do if you get into the final?

Do you have a message to the Eurovision fans?
Hope to see you all soon! Make love, not war!

Thank you very much for this interview and good luck in Andra chansen.
Thanks to you! Keep it real!

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Here is his fantastic performance on the 2nd semifinal:

Dont forget to vote for him on saturday! He will compete on the 3rd duel.

Thanks to The Moniker for the answers and i wish him all the best on the duels.

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